This theme is currently compatible with all iPhone and iTouch models and all iOS firmwares 4.0~4.3.x. [if something is not working correctly please let us know]

This is being offered as a Community project: This is YOUR theme! Please make suggestions. Please make contributions. Please be creative and have fun!

This Theme is Free. Free to use, free to change, free to take parts out, and free to redistribute in part or in whole, as long as credit is given to the original artist of this icon set: Paul Davey/mattahan.

For non-commercial use only

Please share and contribute your work here!! We would love a “thank you” and credit given to us if you use our contributions to Buuf somewhere else: but it’s not necessary – however you MUST give mattahan credit, and you must not use anything buuf in anything commercial … and you must allow others to have the same rights with any Buuf creations that you share.

Buuf is super-duper-special artwork because mattahan allows anyone to re-use and alter his amazing icon set in any non-commercial way. But remember - anyone else is then free to reuse and change and redistribute YOUR buuf creations too!! (as long as they give MATTAHAN credit).

More about sharing buuf (boring):
If you create art using mattahan's buuf images, your work is called a derivative. Derivatives of mattahan's work are allowed to be shared as long as you in turn allow other people to share or modify YOUR work again and again. The only three requirements to using, changing or redistributing buuf images are: 1. you must give MATTAHAN credit; 2. it’s only for non-commercial use; and 3. you must allow others to change alter or redistribute YOUR buuf work along with only the original license and rules.

Bottom Line:
If you post your work using mattahan's images please be advised that under the terms of mattahan's creative usage license ANYONE MAY MODIFY OR REUSE OR REPOST YOUR DERIVATIVE WORK IN ANY NON-COMMERCIAL WAY. As long as they give MATTAHAN credit for creating the original artwork. Hopefully people will also give credit to anyone else that deserves it!