Cigarette litter is not just a little thing.

Large Cigarette Butts

Over 5 trillion cigarette butts are littered annually making up about 20% of the worlds litter. In the United States alone over 88 thousand tons of cigarette butts are littered per year.

 Cigarette Butts are NOT biodegradable.

Each littered filter is made up of carcinogenic filled cellulose acetate (plastic) fibers that last for years.  As the paper surrounding the cigarette butts disintegrates, the ultra fine toxic laden fibers are released into the air we breathe and in our water and ultimately our food chain. Animals die from mistaking cigarette butts for food; beneficial insects and plants are directly affected by the poisons released with each and every littered cigarette butt.

As well, burning cigarette litter tossed out windows; destroy property, habitat and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in fire fighting costs per year.