ButtUgly Education

The ButtUgly…it’s about litter! campaign is designed to teach kids that cigarette butt litter is a huge problem and the act of littering is an unacceptable behavior which can be changed.  The only way we will prevent this form of unsightly litter is through changing people's behavior; through education, peer pressure and enforcement of existing anti-litter laws.  The concept behind ButtUgly encourages youth to be proactive and to use their creativity to make a difference. Our youth will have the greatest impact on their parents and peers perception and behaviors relating to cigarette litter when directly involved in creating the means by which the message is shared. Tools are made available to students which encourage their participation in creating their own education program so to engage their family and friends in the conversation.

ButtUglywill provide (made possible through grants):
  • Introduce lesson plan outlines catering to specific age groups to various educators.
  • Present a short video which will create laughs and giggles while getting the message out. 
Video Example: Enormous cigarette butts being tossed out of a car; piles on the side walks and play grounds, some smoldering while people run away in disgust.  The size of the problem is translated by the over-sized butts; packaged with humor. It’s not just a little thing anymore. Props are effective.
  • Provide Information packs (litter-ature) catering to various age brackets to include: Stats, stories, puzzles, questions, answers, art projects and parental agreement children have their parents sign committing them to help stop all littering especially of cigarette butts.
  • Provide T-shirts, stickers, hats, over-sized butts etc. are great tools.  Include an order form for additional merchandise so to be made available to parents/teachers for fund raising purposes. Merchandise link.