No Butt's

…it’s about litter!

ButtUgly.org is a anti-litter concept domain. It is not an 'organization' at this time. We are currently seeking sponsors to help bring light to the issue of toxic cigarette litter though ButtUgly.org's humorous approach to changing perceptions and behaviors relating to cigarette butt litter. This website is a collection of early ButtUglydocuments, images and information promoting facts and resources to help educate the public. We are seeking to make the concept real...can you help?

was originally created as a concept K-12 student oriented anti-litter program. The humor behind the attention grabbing name brings into focus the issue of cigarette litter. The message, intended to be conveyed through student programs, encourages kids to be proactive and provides a means from which they learn valuable life enhancing tools via their participation in delivering multimedia anti-litter messages.