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 I grew up in a family of painters. Somehow, I went askew and ended up in ceramics. I love the process of making pots....find it satisfying to form lumps of clay into useful objects with my hands. The inspiration for the decoration I use on my pots comes from nature, which never ceases to amaze me with its complexity and beauty....and keeps me grounded. It's a pleasure to be able to fuse these two interests together.

There's something very personal and humble about functional pottery. It's art for everyone and a connection to the traditions of the past. That's what I love about it.....the idea of having beautiful handmade objects that are meant to be used and handled every day.....makes that cup of coffee taste just a little bit better.



Raised by two academic intellectuals, a writer and a nuclear physics professor, I was an enigma....clearly adopted, with no such aspirations other than to spend endless hours playing with Legos. The educational path leading up to my career as a ceramic artist was not linear. Briefly, in order; Delhi Ag & Tech, RIT, Swain School of Design, Nazareth College, and finally, ending with an M.F.A. from Syracuse University. This all led to teaching ceramics for the last 23+ years at a local high school.

Ceramics, like teaching, for me, is all about the process...specifically the challenge of continued refinement of form and its marriage to surface. Like most atmospheric types of firing, soda firing accentuates this relationship. The end result is that no two pieces are ever the same. Therefore each firing has some mystery, uncertainty and rewards. I am content not to have total control. The kiln always has the last word.