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We live and work on a hillside overlooking the Butternut Valley in upstate New York, just south of Syracuse, where we make a wide variety of pottery for everyday use. Our work is high fired in a 50 cu. ft. gas soda kiln. All our pots are handmade, wheel thrown, durable, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Most noteworthy, soda firing, which falls into the category of atmospheric firing (like wood, salt and raku fired pottery) is very unique. The actual process involves spraying the soda (Arm and Hammer baking soda) dissolved in a water solution, into the kiln close to the end of the firing. This creates a glass coating and causes a myriad of surface variations.

The process is labor intensive and somewhat unpredictable. The rewards (and sometimes the disappointments) often exceed our expectations because no two pieces are alike. It's that element of surprise that makes soda firing so rewarding.....and exciting.

The forms we choose are simple, which is a compliment to the sometimes busy surface. We can control the building, but the clay becomes a canvas which records the subtle events during the firing.

Upcoming Shows in 2018

June 2                  Our Studio, Saturday  10-4

November 24   Holiday show at our studio, Saturday 10-4

December 2 & 3  Syracuse Peace Council's Plowshares Crafts and Peace Festival, 10-5 Sat/11-5 Sunday. Plowshares Craft Festival

Ann's work is also available at:

Syracuse Soapworks, Syracuse, NY

Eureka Crafts in Syracuse, NY 

Olive On Brooklea, Fayetteville, NY

15 Steps, Ithaca, NY

Sea Hag Soaps and Mercantile in Brackney, PA.

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