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Wrapped Candies

This is probably one of my favorite projects.
It is quick, easy and eating chocolate
is a prerequisite..LOL


Materials Needed:
Bugle Beads
Tacky Glue
Buttons and/or
Circle Woodsies (3/4"wide), paint & decorative stickers and/or another type of container to put your candies in
Approx. time to complete this project: 15 minutes 
Step#1 - Treat yourself to some fine chocolates! For this project you'll need to really tough it out and go buy some of those fancy foil wrapped chocolates. Then you'll need to eat all of those yummy chocolates. Be careful unwrapping them;) After you've eaten as many chocolates as you can stand or finished the bag, whichever comes first:), we'll begin our mini-project.
Step#2 - Make sure to clean the foil wrappers and smooth them out so they are nice and flat.
Step#3 - You'll need to cut 5/8" wide by 3/4" long rectangles from the foil. I usually cut one rectangle and use it for my template. Cut as many rectangles as you can get from the foil or as many as you'll need. 
Step#4 - Put a small dab of Tacky glue in the center of the wrong side of the foil and place one bugle bead in the glue. 
Step#5 - Fold the foil rectangle in half and roll between your fingers until the foil is completely wrapped around the bead in a "tube" shape.
Step#6 - Gently pinch each end of the foil "tube" and give a slight half twist to form the end of the wrapper. You may want to trim the ends of the wrapper for a sharper straight edge.
* Repeat Steps 1-6 to make as many candies as you want. Now we need to make something to put our pretty little candies into. The quickest and easiest way is to just use some appropriately sized and shaped buttons. However, I like to display some of the candies on a "plate." My plates are simply a circle woodsie painted with some acrylic paint. I then use some Tacky glue to add a decorative sticker and Presto! I have a nice little plate on which I can glue some of my candies:)