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Materials Needed:
Shoe Template - Click here for template.
Material, 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" peice
Scissors for cutting paper
All-purpose scissors
Tacky Glue
Nail polish or paint in color that matches the material and small paintbrushes
Small beads, jewelry findings and/or tiny ribbon for embellisment (optional)
Step#1 - You'll need my Shoe Template - Click here for template. You can right click on the image and select "Save Picture As" or you can just print the image out if you wish. Print the template on cardstock. The sole of the shoe should be about 3/4" long. Depending on the browser you are using, you may need to take the shoe template into a graphics program and resize it.  
Step#2 - Using good, paper-cutting scissors cut out the shoe peices. Set one set of peices (2 soles and 2 straps) aside for later.  
Step#3 - Spread a little bit of Tacky glue on remaining 2 soles and 2 straps. Then press them firmly to the WRONG side of the material.  
Step#4 - When the glue has dried use your all-purpose scissors to cut out the shoe peices. (You can fabric scissors if you're careful not to cut the paper templates.)  
Step#5 - Now we need to shape the straps. Gently bend the a strap around a pen to give it a slight curve. Repeat on the other strap.  
Step#6 - Now using the tweezers bend just the tips of the strap inwards. This will make it easier to glue it to the bottom of the shoe.  
Step#7 - Put a little dab of Tacky glue on the ends of the strap and using the tweezers attach the strap to the bottom of shoe.  
Step#8 - The straps might be a bit tricky to attach. Now you need to get the 2 soles that you set aside previously. (You don't need the other 2 straps. I always make extra in case I make a mistake.) Matching the shapes of the shoes, spread some Tacky glue on the 2nd sole and attach to the sole with the strap. Press firmly using the tweezers. Wipe away any excess glue.  
Step#9 - Your shoes should now look like this.  
Step#10 - While the glue is still drying, use your tweezers to bend the shoe into a high heel shape. I usually bend it right near the strap and then again near the heel. It might take some practice and patience before you get it looking the way you want.  
Step#11 - Now time to add the heel. Cut the ends off of a toothpick. You will want to make sure they are the same size. Hold the heel up to the shoe and see if needs to be adjusted. I usually cut my heels large and then size them down a bit.  
Step#12 - Put a dab of Tacky glue on the heel of the shoe and add your toothpick heel.  
Step#13 - I turn the shoe right side up and adjust the heel so that it looks straight. Let the glue dry.  
Step#14 - Now time to paint the bottom and heel of the shoe. I used gold acyrlic paint on this one. Instead of paint, you can use nail polish. It gives it a glossy effect.  
Step#15 - Carefully paint the edge of the shoe where the top and bottom peices meet. This gives it a more finished look.  
Step#16 - After the paint dries all you have to do is embellish the strap with some small beads or a little bow. Believe it or not you're done:) Yeah!!!