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Seashell Angel

Materials needed:
Tiny seashell  
Silk ribbon or string
Gold Jump Ring
Small wood bead 
Acrylic paint - Red & Blue
Pin or toothpick  
Tacky glue
Step #1 -  Use Tacky glue to add wood bead to top of shell. Side aside and let dry.

Step #2 - Meanwhile, tie a bow using silk ribbon or string. Trim edges and carefully glue just under bead on shell.

Step #3 -  Using a pin or toothpick, dab the tip into a blob of blue acrylic paint and add two small dots for the eyes. Using another toothpick or pin, dab the tip into a bit of red acrylic paint and add a small mouth.

Step #4 - Start to unwind bunka for the hair. Cut a few suitable lengths and glue onto the top of the head.
Step #5 - Glue jump ring on top of hair for halo. 

Step #6 - All finished! Set aside and let dry completely.