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Picket Fence Tutorial

Materials Needed:
Aleene's Tacky Glue
4 Wood Coffee Stirrers or Popsicle Sticks
White Acrylic Paint
4 Fanch Toothpicks
Approximate time to complete this project: 30 minutes  



Step#1 - Cut 4 ends off of coffee stirrers measuring 2" in length.  
Step#2 - Cut a shelf from the middle section of the coffee stirrer measuring 1 3/8" long. Cut 2 brace pieces measuring 1 1/4" long.  

Step#3 - Sand the two front corners of the shelf peice - so they have a rounded edge. 
Step#4 - Take the 4 rounded-end wood pieces and sand the straight edge on each into a point. These will be the fence pickets on the shelf.  
Step#5 - Glue one fence picket to the 2 braces. Use placement as shown in picture.   
Step#6 - Glue remaing fence pickets to braces making sure they are evenly spaced. Let dry.  
Step#7 - Add glue to the shelf and glue to fence pickets just above the lower brace. Make sure the rounded edges of the shelf face towards you.  
Step#8 - Side view of shelf placement.   
Step# 9 - Cut the fancy ends from 4 toothpicks. They should measure approximately 1/4" long.   
Step# 10 - Add a dot of glue at the bottom of the toothpick and glue to the bottom of the picket fence.  
Step# 11 - Front view of the picket shelf fence. So you can see placement of the knobs. Let glue dry. 
Step# 12 - Paint with at least 2 coats of white acrylic paint and decorate as you like. I used a bit of red and black to add some ladybugs.