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Modern Lamp



Materials Needed:
Wood pieces needed: a 4" long piece of 1/8" dowel and a 1/8"thick X 1" X 1" square of basswood
Suction Cup (1 1/4" wide)
Clear Lite Brite peg
Razor saw
Acrylic paint of your choice (I used Lamp/Ebony Black)
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Dremel with drill bit 3/32" from #628 drill set
Approx. time to complete this project: 20 minutes 
Step#1 - Using a pencil & ruler draw lines from corner to corner of the 1/8" X 1" X 1" wood square. With the Dremel and bit 3/32" drill a hole in the center of the X. While you have the dremel handy, drill a center hole through the bottom of the suction cup. Make sure to go all the way through the center.  
Step#2 - Glue dowel stick into base using Tacky Glue. Wipe away any excess glue and let dry.  
Step#3 - Paint base black or color of your choice. It may need 2 coats. Let dry.  
Step#4 - Push base into hole in suction cup.  
Step#5 - Using a razor saw, cut the top off of the lite brite peg. It should be approximately 5/16" long. Sand the rough edge smooth.
Step #6 - Using tacky glue, attach blub to the center of the suction cup.