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Materials Needed:
Razor blade refill case (I used Silk Effects Plus by Schick )
1 sheet of pewter mirror card (available at Michaels in the Scrapbooking/Greeting Card section)
Acrylic paint of your choice
Tacky Glue
Approx time to complete this project: 20 minutes  



Step#1 - Take the razor blade case apart and remove labels. If needed clean surface with soap and water to remove any residue.
Step#2 - Paint the back side (the flat side) of the plastic case with the acrylic paint. Let dry. It may need several coats to completely cover the surface. Painting the back side of the plastic makes the front side appear smooth and shiny. 
Step#3 - Measure and cut the mirror card so that you have a piece that is 2" high x 1 1/4" wide. 
Step#4 - When paint is dry on the razor blade case, turn it right side up and glue mirror card to the center. Press firmly until the card is securely in place. Clean up any excess glue immediately. 
Your done and you have an elegant mirror to hang in your bathroom !