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Grapevine Wreath






Materials Needed:
24 gauge wire (I used gold, but any color will do.)
Acrylic paint - Burnt Umber
Sponge brush
Wire Cutter or scissors
Needlenose pliers
Plastic Coffee Can lid
Approx. time to complete this project: 20 minutes 



Step#1 - Wrap wire around bottom of acrylic paint bottle about 8 times.  
Step#2 - Use wire cutters or scissors to cut wire leaving a 3" tail 
Step#3 - Keeping your thumb firmly on wound wire, gently slip it off the end of the bottle and pinch to keep the ringed shape. 
Step#4 - Carefully wrap the tail ends of the wire around rings. Don't pull to hard, it looks better if it's slightly loose. Use the needle nose pliers to wrap ends in securely and, if you like, form a small loop at the top to hang wreath from. 
Step#5 - Your wreath should now look like the picture below. If you desire, you can cut additional lengths of wire to wrap around the rings.  
Step#6 - Put a dab of the Burnt Umber acrylic paint onto the plastic coffee can lid. Using the sponge brush, gently sponge the paint onto the wreath. I found it easier to hold the wreath still when I used a toothpick to anchor it. Let the paint dry and repeat one more time or until the original color of the wire is no longer showing. When the second coat of paint is dry, you can decorate it with dried flowers, ribbon or whatever you like:)  
Step#7 - In real life grapevine wreaths come in many shapes and sizes. Experiment by wrapping the wire around nail polish bottles, pieces of square wood etc. You can easily shape the wire into oval or heart shapes by gently bending it with your fingers. The possibilities are endless! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you make some wreaths, please send me an email with photos:) Enjoy!