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Faberge Egg


Materials Needed:
1 5/8" egg
4 2mm rhinestones
1 glitter drop decal
1 seed bead
1 gold no-hole bead
2" length of 1/16" ribbon
2" length of thin gold cording (or embroidery floss seperated into 6 strands - use 1 strand for cording)
Tools needed:
Flat toothpicks
Super glue
Tacky glue
Magnifying glass (optional)
Materials for the base:
1 small gold bead
1 small bell cap
Approx. time to complete this project: 10 minutes  
Step#1 - Start with the materials for the base. Glue the gold bead to the bell cap using the Tacky glue. Set aside to dry.
Step#2 - There is a tiny seam that runs vertically around the egg. It’s difficult to see so you might need to use a magnifying glass to find it. Using a toothpick spread a small line of Tacky glue over the seam. Working quickly, wrap the 1 /16” ribbon around the egg. Make sure that it is not crooked, trim any excess ribbon at the base of egg and press lightly until dry. 
Step#3 - Using the toothpick spread a small line of glue on top of the ribbon and center the gold cording on top of it. Let dry.
Step#4 - Next, use the toothpick to place a small amount of Super glue in the center of one side of the egg. Remove the glitter drop decal from it’s backing, check to make sure the pointed end is near the top of the egg and press firmly onto the glue. Hold in place until secure. 
Step#5 - Place small dabs of Tacky glue near the top of the glitter drop and add 3 rhinestones. Then place a small dab of glue at the bottom and add the last rhinestone.
Step#6 - Place the seed bead on the very top of the egg and secure to the ribbon with some Tacky glue. Then place a small dab of glue in the hole of the seed bead and drop the gold no-hole bead in it. Let dry. 
Step#7 - Lastly, glue the base to the egg using Tacky glue. Be sure to hold the base to the egg until the glue is dry and secure. Otherwise it will most likely slide to an odd angle and not sit correctly on the base.