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Materials Needed: 
One large paperclip
Wire Cutters
Tacky Glue
Sharp jaggy edge from aluminum foil box or plastic wrap box
Approx. time to complete this project: 5 minutes  
Step#1 - Straighten out an edge of the large paper clip and use wire cutters to cut off a piece about 1/2" long.
Step#2 - From the end of the jaggy edge from an aluminum foil box cut of a peice at a slight angle. This will be your exacto blade. You may need to try cutting a few times to get the correct shape. 
Step#3 - Place a small dab of Tacky glue on the 1/2" peice of the paper clip.
Step#4 - You may need to use tweezers to pick up the tiny exacto blade. Place it on the dab of glue - make sure that it is straight and let dry.
Step#5 - All finished:)