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Doll's doll







Materials Needed:
One Wilton baby cake decoration
Scraps of lace and ribbon
Braided trim, DMC floss or similiar material to be used for hair
Scissors for cutting material
Tacky Glue
Needle and Thread
Step#1 - Take the lace or ribbon that you will be using for skirt (I'm using 1/2 inch wide lace for this doll skirt) and cut it about 3 inches long. Run a simple running stitch along the top edge of the lace using your needle and thread.  
Step#2 - Gently pull the thread so that the lace begins to gather. Position the gathered lace around the doll's waist.  
Step#3 - When you are satisfied with the ruffles, place some glue along the inside edge of the gathered skirt. Place the skirt on the doll. Pull the thread to tighten the gathers and tie a knot. Overlap the lace a bit and then glue edge.  
Step#4 - Now take a length of ribbon or material to be used for the top of the doll's dress. I used a 1/2" wide blue ribbon. Cut your ribbon about 8 inches long. Since my ribbon was so wide I folded it in half placing the fold at the top.  
Step#5 - Make sure that the ribbon covers the top of the skirt and tie a pretty bow in the back.  
Step#6 - Cut the edges of the ribbon for a nice finished effect.  
Step#7 - To finish dressing the doll make up a pretty little bow to go just under her chin. I used 1/16" wide ribbon, but I have also used 1/8".  
Step#8 - I used a fancy trim for the hair. Simply unravel the cording.  
Step#9 - Cut several pieces of cording about 2 1/2" to 3" long.  
Step#10 - Place a single strand of the cording under the peices and tie in a bundle.  
Step#11 - Put some Tacky glue over the existing plastic hair and put the bundle of hair on top. Making sure the hairline is in the center of the head. Press down and place hair as desired. Voila! You're done!