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Chinese Hat







Materials Needed:
Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue
Black Felt Pen
Cardstock scrap - white
Patterned Paper - off-white (I used an old Hallmark Card.)
Off-white String (I used crochet cotton.)

Approx. time to complete this project: 20 minutes  
Step#1 - Trace around the bottom of the Aleene's Tacky Glue bottle to create a circle on the patterned paper.  
Step#2 - Cut out circle.  
Step#3 - Cut a straight line from the edge of the circle to about the middle of the circle. 
Step#4 - Put some glue on the edge near the cut and over lap the other cut edge. Press firmly and let dry.   
Step#5 - It will form a slightly cone shaped hat which will look like this (side view).   
Step#6 - Cut a 2" x 1/8" piece of white cardstock. This will be the head form for the hat.   
Step#7 - Wrap the cardstock strip around the felt tip so it will form a nice circular shape.  
Step#8 - Also cut 2 small rectangles 1/8"x 1/4" and bend each in half. They will allow you to attach the head form to the hat.   
Step#9 - Put some glue the end of the head form and press firmly to create a circle. Put some glue on each of the small rectangles and add to the round head form.   
Step#10 - Add some glue to the remaining sides of the small rectangles and press firmly to attach to center of hat. Let dry. 
Step#11 - Look up some Japanese Kanji on the internet and using a felt pen draw them onto the hat. For this hat, I chose the symbols for fish and rice.
You can find some good examples of Japanese Kanji at japanese.about.com Click on Kanji of the Week. Then scroll down and click on Kanji of the Week Archive.  
Step#12 - Now we just need to add the finishing touch. Cut a 4" length of string/crochet cotton and knot the ends together.  
Step#13 - Cut the loop on the string.  
Step#14 - Put a dab glue on either side of the head form and attach the string.  
Step#15 - Ready to be displayed or worn:)