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Materials Needed: 
 Bamboo skewers
Miter box
Razor saw
24 guage wire
Needlenose pliers/Wire cutters
Acrylic paint - Delta Ceramcoat Straw and Americana Raw Sienna
Plastic lid (used for a paint tray)

Approx. time to complete this project: 20 minutes  
Step#1 - Measure a 5" piece of the bamboo skewer and cut using miter box and razor saw.  
Step#2 - Make a pencil mark at 1" intervals.  
Step#3 - Take a piece of the 24 guage wire and wrap around the bamboo at one of the pencil-marked spots. 
Step#4 - Use Needlenose pliers/Wire cutters to twist the ends of the wire tightly.   
Step#5 - Continue twisting until the wire breaks.   
Step#6 - Repeat Step#5 until all the pencil-marks are covered with the wire rings.  
Step#7 - Add some of the Straw colored paint to the plastic tray and paint the bamboo and the metal rings.   
Step#8 - Using a small brush and with a steady hand, paint the metal rings with Raw Sienna. It may need 2 coats. All finished!