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Art Deco Mirror


Materials Needed:
Piece of basswood 3/8" wide x 1/8" thick x
     1 1/2"long
1" round mirror
1 Round/Square toothpick (cut into 2 pieces each  
      3/4" long)
Diamond shape woodsies 1 5/8" long x 1" wide
Paintbrushes, assorted sizes
Acrylic paint of your choice ( I used Burnt Umber,
      Titanium White and Silver)
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Aleene's Wood Glue
4 silver seed beads
Dremel with drill bit 7/64" from #628 drill set and
    cut-off disc #409
Sandpaper (P240)
Step#1 - Cut all wood pieces using Dremel with cut-off disc #409, craft knife or saw. Remember to wear protective ear gear:)  
Step#2 - Gently sand any rough edges using P240 Sandpaper.  
Step#3 - Change Dremel to drill bit 7/64"from drill set#628. You can probably use 1/8" but will need more glue and have to sand more. Drill 1/4 inch from each end and make sure the drill holes are more toward the back of the wood.  
Step#4 - Paint all pieces. I used Burnt Umber. You may need 2 coats to cover completely. Let dry between coats. 
Step#5 - Using Aleene's Wood Glue, glue side peices (3/4" pieces of toothpick) into the drill holes of the base. Make sure they are straight, brace if necessary. Let glue set. 
Step#6 - Paint design of your choice on back of diamond woodsie. May need 2 coats. I used a simple pattern and with a pencil & ruler drew a "X" connecting the endpoints of the woodsie.  
Step#7 - Gently scuff up the back of the mirror with sandpaper, wipe clean and use the Tacky glue to attach the mirror to the front of the woodsie.  
Step#8 - Place a dab of glue on the ends of the side peices and position the mirror/woodsie. Press firmly. Set the mirror and stand on 1/8" of scrap wood so it will dry evenly. 
Step#9 - Add decorative paint touches on the front and back. Then coat with a sealer.  
Step#10 - Using a small dab of Tacky glue apply the 4 seed bead feet to the bottom of the stand.