My printables are for personal use only.

Printables were one of the first things I discovered when I started searching the internet for miniatures. After taking some wonderful online PaintShopPro lessons, I became addicted to making my own. Below you'll find links to the Printables that I have created.  Please do not make them up and sell them; however, feel free to make the them up for swaps or give them as gifts to your mini-friends.

 Most of the templates that I used for making these printables are not my own. So I must thank an incredibly gifted woman, Imelda Hill, and her wonderful group, EasyPrintDollhouseAccessories, where they are so giving and sharing with their talents.

If you are just getting started using printables, you might want to check out my Printable Tutorial. It gives some hints, tips and advice on making up printables.


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