Oak office table - Glass table dining room.

Oak Office Table

oak office table
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oak office table - Furinno Home
Furinno Home office Laptop Notebook Computer Desk Study Table, Oak, KM-DC041
Furinno Home office Laptop Notebook Computer Desk Study Table, Oak, KM-DC041
This Furinno simple design computer study desk is a compact unit with large pull-out drawer. It is space efficient while serve its purpose just right for studying and surfing on computer. This study is suitable for users like working adults, college students, teens and even junior kids. It is sturdy and easy to go with any room decor. ***Care instructions: Wipe clean with soft damped cloth. Wipe dry with soft clean cloth. ***Please contact support@furinno.com for missing parts, damaged products, and other assembly questions. We are pleased to send you any replacements parts FREE of charge.

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old office, c. 1986
old office, c. 1986
Lots of negatives lying around, looks like for a paper on aroid anatomy. I scrounged oak furniture all over the building as it became available, when offices were renovated and plastic furniture was installed. Ended up with a lot of oak tables, brought some home, which is what this computer is sitting on. An old Rutgers oak table.
Cherry / Maple / Oak Tables
Cherry / Maple / Oak Tables
Tables for the office, with cherry and maple tops, and half-lapped oak frames

oak office table
oak office table
Diversified Woodcrafts P7146K30N UV Finish Solid Oak Wood Table with Plain Apron, Epoxy Resin Top, 60" Width x 30" Height x 30" Depth, 500 lbs Capacity
P7146K30N Dimensions (W x D x H): 60" x 30" x 30" This table is built for years of dependable service. Legs and aprons are constructed of solid red oak and are smoothly machined and finished with an environmentally friendly waterborne acrylic finish. Black rubber leg boots are also supplied to protect against scuffing and chemical spills. Comes with an Epoxy Resin Top. Features: -2.25'' square solid oak legs -Non-skid adjustable glides -13 gauge steel corner brackets -Black rubber boots protect against chemical spills and scuffing -Available in multiple dimensions Note: Also available without top, or with either ChemArmor, Phenolic Resin, Plastic Laminate top (sold separately) Surface Type Benefits Resistance ChemArmor -Durable, chemical resistant surface material -3mm PVC molding -Constructed with heat sensitive adhesive to create waterproof edge -Chemical Resistant -Class 1 fire rating Plastic Laminate -Excellent work surface that wears well under normal use -Superior resistance to scratching -Limited resistance to high temperatures and severe chemicals Phenolic Resin -Composite thermo fused top under pressure, with resistance throughout entire top -Will not stain or etch when exposed to most chemicals or solvents -Chemical resistance includes: -Nitric Acid 30pct -Acetic Acid 98pct -Sulfuric Acid 33pct -Phosphoric Acid 85pct -Mehtyl Ethyl Ketone -And others 1'' Solid Epoxy Resin -Impervious to normal laboratory chemicals and heat -Solid and homogeneous -Extremely durable -Completely impervious to moisture -Chemical resistance includes: -Nitric Acid 70pct -Acetic Acid (glacial) -Hydrochloric Acid 20pct -Sulfuric Acid 60pct -Methyl Alcohol -Toluene -Benzene -And others