Butterflies of Yucatan, Mexico: Brushfoots: Sisters to Morphos

Bordered Patch, Chlosyne lacinia  p.82   quite variable,  fairly common

Guatemalan Patch, Chlosyne erodyle p. 83 uncommon-

This photo by Ian Lawson-

Theona Checkerspot Chlosyne theona  p. 84  fairly common open areas

Next two- Cozumal-

ELF, Microtia elva  p.85   fairly common south and west.  Not seen north as shown in range map.
First 2 pics Yucatan state and third pic southern QR-

Mayan Crescent, Castilia myia  p.87  fairly common open areas

Next photo with no marginal bands by Rich Hoyer-

Pale-banded crescent, Phyciodes tuleis  p. 90  common open areas

Phaon Crescent, Phyciodes phaon  p. 92  common open areas

Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta  p. 93  widely distributed North America and world, migratory, not seen Yucatan P. by me, this one Florence Italy!-

this one SC-

Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui  p.93  irruptive migrations north to U.S. - and to Yucatan?
I have not yet seen it here-
American Lady, Vanessa virginiensis  p. 93-  best differentiated from Painted Lady by ventral (below) number of eye spots.  Not seen Yucatan P by me-
Both appear similar from above (this is Am. Lady)-

Tropical Buckeye, Junoniagenoveva  p.94  fairly common  Glassberg describes the number of Buckeye species in Mexico as uncertain

"Yucatan" Buckeye- note regional field marks

White Peacock , Anartia jatrophae p. 94  common to abundant-

Banded Peacock, Anartia fatima  p. 94  common open areas and nectaring

Malachite, Siproeta stelenes  p. 96  fairly common, in/near jungle-

Sisters-  family of about 8 similar species occurring Yucatan  p 97-101

Band-celled Sister, Adelpha fessonia p. 97 uncommon

Confusing Sister Adelpha iphicleola p. 97 first one Cozumel-

Barnes' Sister, Adelpha paraena massilia p.97 uncommon-
Venezuelan Sister, Adelpha malea  p. 99  uncommon-

Blue-eyed Sailor, Dynamine dyonis  p. 102  common-

Four-spotted Sailor, Dynamine postverta p. 102  common



White-edged Red-ring, Pyrrhogyra otolans  p. 103      green tint,  fairly common


Complete Red-ring, Pyrrhogyra edocla p. 103, uncommon-
photo by Ian Lawson-

Leading Red-ring, Pyrrhogyra neaerea  p. 103 uncommon-

Orange Banner , Temenis laothoe, p.107  uncommon-
in flight

Little Banner, Nica flavilla  p. 107 uncommon-

Red Rim, Biblis hyperia  p. 107  fairly common-

Common Mestra, Mestra amymone  p. 107  fairly common

Mexican Bluewing,  Myscelia ethusa  p. 108,  UC Yucatan Peninsula

first 2 photos south Texas and second 2, QR

Dingy Purplewing, Eunica monima  p.111  uncommon-

unidentified Purplewing, Banner, Satyr or ??

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