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Custom Butterfly Designs

Over the years, we have designed and built many custom one of a kind pieces. Unfortunately, many of them have never been photographed.  Below are the few we have managed to photograph, along with a brief description. If you are interested in a custom piece please contact us for an estimate.

Size: 18"x48"
Specimens: Cymothe Sangaris, Phoebis Philea, Phoebis Rurina, Charaxes Smaragdalis, Morpho Aurora, Morpho Menalaus, Morpho Didius, Morpho Deadamia, Morpho Achilies.
This Piece was specially commissioned to replace one the client had a particular emotional attachment to, which went missing during a move.

"The Butterfly"
Size: 36"x48"
Specimen: Morpho Didius
This piece was built for a local art show we attended and was promptly sold.  The concept was to create a recognizable form that would draw the viewer in from a distance.  From far away this case looks like one extremely large butterfly.  As you approach, you soon discover its constituent elements. Other than the size, the difficulty of this piece was creating AN EXACT mirror image of the butterflies.

Size: 18"x72"
Specimens: Mixed South American and African
At the time of building, this case was the largest we had ever worked on.  This piece was designed  to the clients very specific requirements. due to its size and likelihood of being damaged in transit. we delivered this piece and installed it for the client (at an additional expense).

Size: 12"x20"
Specimens: Papilio Ulysses and Telegonus, Phoebis Rurina and Philea, Cymothe Sangaris
This piece was commissioned by a wife for her husband.  After some consultation, it was determined that a primary color scheme would be part of the composition. Movement, and color were the guiding principles for this piece.

"Black and Blue"
Size: 18"x24"
Specimen: Mopho Menalaus
This is a rather standard piece, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to consult with a lighting designer to compose (and control) the installation, immediately after which this photo was taken.

"Untitled" Mirror
Size: 18"x24"
Specimens: Papilio Ulysses and Telegonus, Phoebis Rurina and Philea, Cymothe Sangaris
This piece was commissioned by an art gallery in London responding to a request by "a private collector".    The Difficulty with this piece was not creating a mirror image of the cases, but doing so with an opaque white rear panel.   Once the rear panel is opaque (we can produce cases with any color of acrylic you may desire) a different and more difficult technique must be employed to ensure the "mirrored" effect.

"Didius In Flight"
Size: 24"x36"
Specimen: Morpho Didius
This is a large format piece, while not a production item, we have reproduced on occasion. This pattern is known as a "flight" pattern and can be executed in either left or right facing format.