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Q: Where do I show my Vanner/Heavy Cob/Irish Tinker/Drum Horse?
A: If there is not a specific class for those breeds within a division, they MUST be shown in the appropriate OTHER PURE/MIX DRAFT Class.


Is it ok to show a decorator model?
A:  Yes, decorator models may ONLY be shown in the very first class of the day. It is for Fantasy/Decorator models ONLY. These models will ONLY be eligible to receive yellow NAN cards.

Q:  In OF, should gaited Spanish breeds go in Other Pure/Mix Gaited or Other Pure/Mix Spanish?
A:  Please put gaited spanish breeds in the Other Pure/Mix Spanish class.

Q:  In OF, is the Spanish Mustang class strictly limited to models identified as the breed "Spanish Mustang", or are other feral Spanish horses like Abaco Barbs & Florida Crackers OK to go in there, too?
A:  All feral spanish TYPE mustangs go in this class. So yes, Abaco Barbs, Florida Crackers, etc also go in this class.

Q:  Where should I put my welsh and connemara ponies if they are hunter type?
A:  Please put all welsh and connemara ponies in the Mountain and Moorland pony class.

Q:  Where would I put my Gelderlander?
A:  Please put Gelderlanders in the carriage breed class per the 2015 NAMHSA breed cross reference list.

Q:  Where do I show my Breyer resins?
A:  Breyer resins are shown in the OF China division per the show packet rules.


Q: Do we need 2" x 3.5" business cards with our horses for this show, or just the toe tags?
A: The horse only needs a toe tag, with Breed/Gender(and age for foals only please) on the front, and the horses' name/your initials on the back. The Front Side of the tag must be displayed for the horse to be judged when a class is closed. Any horse with improperly placed or missing tags will not be judged so PLEASE double check your entry before you walk away!

Q: I was getting ready to send in my entry when I noticed the documentation measurements. Is there any flexibility to the 4 x 6? All of my documentation information is part of a 8 x 10 sheet. Not all of it is a full sheet; but with some shows wanting specific information on the DAH Stone horses, some is very detailed about specific customizations.
A: We are anticipating classes to be rather large, so the smaller the documentation the better, the 4x6 is roughly half of a standard sheet. Part of a standard sheet of paper shouldn't be a problem, since we know the standard COA's from Breyer and other makes are also approximately that size. We stated size to discourage people from using an entire book as documentation on the crowded show tables.

Q:  I also don't want to be dq'd for having info larger than the show packet states. Will that be communicated to the judges?
A: The shows firm rule on documentation, no exceptions, is as follows:  ALL documentation must be no larger than ONE SINGLE 8.5x11" sheet of paper per horse per class. This documentation MUST lie flat on the table and as close to your horse as possible. If you have both a breed and collectibility information sheet that needs to be displayed for a single horse, they must be stacked laying flat so they still do not take up more space than ONE SINGLE 8.5 x 11" sheet. Stacked documentation should be placed so that judges can easily see the most pertinent information easily WITHOUT touching the paper. This information will be made clear to judges before the show and again on show day.

Q: In Mini resin, where would we show other breeds that don't fit into the other classes? I have a Choctaw I usually show in other pure.

A:  We would like to see Choctaw go in either the American mustang class or the Spanish mustang class, based on which characteristics the horse more clearly displays.

For other horses that don't fit in breed specific classes after checking the NAN Breed reference list, we would like them to be shown in the "Other Pure/Mix" Class in the Breed Type section they most closely resemble, ie: stock, light, etc. Icelandic horses/miniature horses should show in the "other pure/mix" class in the pony section for CM and AR mini.

Q: Can my foal show in both the regular TB breed class and the sport foals class?

A:  No, foals can only show in the foal specific classes.