Singles Cooking Class

singles cooking class
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Late-November 2008: Sushi Making Demonstration
Late-November 2008: Sushi Making Demonstration
The supplies for aspiring to make sushi at home. Measuring cups, a bowl for adding seasoned sushi vinegar (made prior to making the rice) to cooked rice. (Preferably a wooden bowl is best, but you do the best with what you have on hand), a rice maker (I usually prepare the rice in a traditional pot on the stove (via the "Mount Fuji method" to add sufficient water to make sure the rice cooks, but doesn't burn and stick to the pot!), and of course, a cutting board, a bamboo rolling mat (maki-su), and my trusty sashimi bocho (yanagi ba), a specialized single-edge knife for cutting raw fish and prepared sushi rolls. These were from a series of pictures used in a PowerPoint presentation my mother made for her Computer Literacy class. I had the supplies from the previous week's Black Friday "Fishing Run", gathering seafood and supplies for making sushi and sashimi. For this presentation, her topic was making sushi at home, primarily California Rolls. Naturally, I was happy to show off my skills. (Self-taught via books, research on the web, and countless trips to sushi bars all over Northern California - I still have a lot do to refine my skills.) The next "fishing trip" happens on Black Friday 2009! (Just a week and a half away...) Destination: Berkeley, CA and Tokyo Fish Market!
Marrakech Riads-Riad Dar Najat&Riad Bab Marrakech,"members of the coolest riads marrakech collection" by black zitoun coolest riad marrakech My boyfriend and I just returned from Marrakech where we were guests at Dar najat. The owner,Olivier is the nicest, most helpful, courteous and attentive host I ever known! Down to the very last detail, he went far out of his way to make sure that our stay at his Riad was memorable. he even arranged a wonderful cooking class with a Berber woman (and that was FUN!), as well as a hiking trip out to Ourika. The Riad itself is quite small seven bedrooms, elegantly furnished and beautifully maintained. It is right in the heart of the medina down a little, quiet side street where there is no evidence of the "buzz" of mopeds, music and noise of the Djemma al Fna which is right around the corner. In every detail, Olivier and his staff made our stay there seem almost more like visiting friends, for which we will be eternally grateful! We recommend the riad Dar najat enthusiastically and without reservation. :-)

singles cooking class
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