Chestnut Cooking Instructions

chestnut cooking instructions
    cooking instructions
  • of course have a vocabulary of their own: bring to a boil, simmer, remove from heat, a heaping tablespoon. You’d go crazy thumbing through a dictionary just to make sense of one recipe.
  • A glossy brown nut that may be roasted and eaten
  • (of hair or feathers) of a golden brown to reddish brown color; "a chestnut horse"; "chestnut hair"
  • wood of any of various chestnut trees of the genus Castanea
  • any of several attractive deciduous trees yellow-brown in autumn; yield a hard wood and edible nuts in a prickly bur
  • The large European tree that produces the edible chestnut, which develops within a bristly case, with serrated leaves and heavy timber
  • A related tree (C. dentata), which succumbed to a fungus bark disease in the early 1900s. Once prolific in the eastern US, very few large specimens survived

Exotic Green Curry Chicken, Tofu and Chickpeas with Coconut Forbidden Rice
Exotic Green Curry Chicken, Tofu and Chickpeas with Coconut Forbidden Rice
I had a can of coconut milk sitting in my pantry for the last while that I rediscovered when I was packing during my move to my new place. Finally succumbing to the temptation of using my package of Forbidden Rice, I decided to cook some of the rice with the coconut milk to make a sticky rice sort of snack. Following the package's instructions and substituting 1/2 cup of the water asked for with the coconut milk, the rice came out still a little too hard. So I decided to make this meal out of it. I cooked more rice, but this time short grain brown rice and nearing the final boil/steaming stage, I added my day old Forbidden rice. I let that steam cook until the rice was done (about 15 min). While I started the brown rice, I pan fried a half large Vidalia onion cut into large chunks, until translucent and aromatic. Then I pan fried about 2 cups of halved (if they were large) baby red skin potatoes. When the potatoes took up a nice crust, I added 1.5 cups cubed chicken breast and seared those for about 1-2 min. I added 3 tablespoons of Thai green curry paste and stir fried the above until fragrant. I added about 3/4 cup chicken broth to deglaze the pan before adding 1 large can of drained chickpeas. Letting this whole mixture come to a boil and reduce slightly, I followed this up by a 1/2 can of coconut milk (the remainder of what I had used to for the forbidden rice the day earlier) and allowed the whole thing to simmer for about 10 min while I tended to the rice. I added 1 cubed bosc pear to the pot and allowed things to simmer for 1 min before adding about 2 cups of frozen veggies (broccoli, peppers, string and snow peas, water chestnuts, mushrooms). Allowing this to heat a bit until amost to the boil, I added 1 package of cubed silken firm tofu and let the whole pot simmer for an additional 5 min. Yummy spicy savory green curry with nutty rice. :) The chunks of pear were lovely since they contrasted the spicy curry with sweet creaminess (a bit grainy, but you know what I mean). The tofu addition was nice too, because they almost gave the mouth a break from the overload of flavours going on in this dish.
A Venetian Vegetable Stall-Courtship by Giacomo Favretto
A Venetian Vegetable Stall-Courtship by Giacomo Favretto
This painting inspired Rachel McArdle to create a mouth-watering pasta recipe called Flirty Fettuccine! Flirty Fettuccine Did you know? • Cabbage is the 2nd most eaten vegetable in the world. Must be all those school dinners! • The Greeks believed eating raw cabbage cured headaches, eyesight and stomach problems. • The largest cabbage ever grown weighed over 8.5 stone (55kg). Serves 4 Pasta 150g (5oz) chestnut flour 100g (3.5oz) all purpose unbleached flour 2 eggs and 1 yolk A pinch of salt Sauce 1 savoy cabbage 200g (7oz) bacon lardons Glug of olive oil A sprig of fresh rosemary 4-6 leaves of fresh sage 1 bay leaf Large glug of dry white wine 1 small cup of vegetable broth or bouillon Instructions: Prepare your pasta by combining the flour and salt and placing in a mound on your work surface. Make a well in the centre and add the eggs and yolk. Work into a dough and knead well (at least 10 minutes), then roll the dough and cut into fettuccine (long ribbon shapes). Core the cabbage and separate leaves. Blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to drain and cool. Heat the oil in a pan and add the rosemary, sage, bay leaves and bacon lardons. Cook for 5 minutes, until browned. Chop blanched cabbage into 1 cm strips and add to the pan with white wine to deglaze. Add the stock as necessary to keep cabbage moist. Place the fettuccine in a pan of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes or until al dente. Drain and add the cabbage sauce, ground black pepper and serve with a lusty red wine.

chestnut cooking instructions
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