Press Releases and Thank Yous

Lions Tigers and Hair Fashion Show Press Release

And a followup regarding Eric's attempt at swallowing a sword long enough to join the SSAI"

    "On the third of July at our home in uptown Butte you and your assistants put on 45 minute show including exciting fire eating and your assistant hitting you with a sledge hammer while prone on a bed of nails. Just the kind of thing all our neighbors and relatives went crazy for. We actually received a call from a Whitefish friend telling us that a family they know living on our street were calling them and stating, "those Bracketts were having way to much fun at their house, and what the heck was going on.
    "From your unobtrusive setting up (tons of gear) to your humorous comments and fun assistants, the show was impressive and delightful. The best critique of your performance came from our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter who was never bored. Our guests are still commenting on the unexpectedness and fun your show made our party. Keeping it secret…even during set-up... was our best idea.
    "We look forward to the next event we hire you for."
--- Glenn Brackett  (Regarding a magic and side show act for a pre-firework 3rd of July party.) 

    "The show, full of fantastic displays of endurance and mystery as well as a few jokes here and there, is extremely enjoyable for all ages..."
"The show is something you will not see everyday and could be considered quite lucky to enjoy even once. You may even have the chance to be a volunteer and help out in the show! I must say it is good fun all around! Even the rates are approachable! I highly recommend hiring a show if you are looking to gross out, awe, or shock someone, or even if you are just looking for some eventful enjoyment outside of the norm."
--- Meeka Warren
(Regarding a side-show act for her graduation party.)

    "Pretty much the coolest thing ever."
--- Audience member.
(Regarding a fire eating and magic show.)