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Free Textbook Publishers

excellent text; instructor resources

free online & pdf; $35 paper book

Online texts and instructor resources are free. Customized print book may require $5 per student contract.

for introductory classes; online only

has study tools; can customize & add content

free online some print options

free online and to download as a pdf. Paper copy options vary in price.

What is OER?

These online workshops are a wonderful introduction to Open Educational Resources.

Repositories of Free Texts


showcases & reviews of textbooks currently in use

links to courses in CA with CID numbers

textbooks, books, courseware and more

a variety of resources

CSU based; a variety of resources; peer reviewed

OER past texts: audio, video, simulations

A clean, easy to search repository

More sources:

Low-Cost Resources

$30 online; has study tools and course analytics

$25 online, textbook with added quizzes & videos

print option for customized book; data analytics.

low cost text bundles or free online pdf (with a bit of a search).

Free textbooks. $25 for additional student materials (videos; quizzes; etc). $35 for full array of learning resources for students (adds personalization for students).

Sapling Learning:

Low cost, interactive online homework. Intructor and student supported.

Get Involved

You can log in and share resources on many of these sites. Together we can build an amazing array of resources for ourselves and each other!