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Call out/ Info meeting for Fall 2011

posted Aug 17, 2011, 2:14 PM by Rachel Richardson

We will have our first call out meeting/ information session on Thursday, September 1st at 8:30 PM in the HRC studio.  There will be a short demonstration, followed by a Q& A session.

The studio is located on the bottom floor of the HRC, next to the women's locker room.

See you there!

Aug 23, Fall 2011 Block Party!

posted Aug 17, 2011, 2:10 PM by Rachel Richardson

Come join us to celebrate a new semester at block party Tuesday, August 23 from 5-7pm.  This is a great opportunity for Butler students to talk to club members and learn about our practice. 

Practice Schedule 12/6/10 and 12/7/10

posted Dec 6, 2010, 9:09 AM by Rachel Richardson

Practice on 12/6/10 will be held from 8:15-10pm in the Butler HRC studio. Practice Tuesday, 7th has been canceled at Butler. All karateka are encouraged to attend practice at the Northeast dojo from 6-8pm.

Butler University/Indianapolis Dojo Celebrates 10 Years

posted Dec 5, 2010, 9:33 PM by Jesse Haines

On December 4th, 2010, the Butler Univeristy/Indianapolis Shotokan Karate Club celebrated 10 years of practice in Indianapolis.  The day began with a rigorous practice lead by Godan John Teramoto, focusing on particular aspects of stretching and elements of the five heian kata, followed by ippon and sanbon gumite.  Immediately following practice, kyu test was held.
Later that day John and Jean Teramoto kindly hosted karateka, family, and friends to enjoy a large feast at their house.  

Butler/Indianapolis Dojo Brings 13 To Special Training

posted Jun 17, 2010, 2:04 AM by Jesse Haines

From June 2nd-June 6th, 13 participants from Indianapolis traveled to St. Joseph, MO to participate in Midwest Summer Special Training.  Butler University students included Annie Rybak, Avery Stearman, and Jeff Marshall attended.  Butler alumni included Rachel Richardson and Jesse Haines.  Other members attending were John Teramoto, Brad Markisohn, Vladimir Folkin, Todd Chilton, Yogesh Joglekar, Tim Waterhouse, and Fiora O'Meara.  Several karateka participated in the dan examination.  Results of the dan examination are as follows:
Todd Chilton:  Shodan
Rachel Richardson:  Shodan
Vladimir Folkin:  Nidan
Jesse Haines:  Nidan 

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