Butler Shotokan Karate Club

Our Club

The Butler Shotokan Karate Club is an affiliation of Shotokan Karate of America, a nonprofit organization teaching traditional karate-do in the United States since 1955.  The Butler University dojo is currently practicing at LivRite Fitness with the Indianapolis Shotokan Karate Club.

Our practice is traditional karate, unique in a time when commercial and for-profit organizations have dominated the martial arts scene.   

Celebration of 10th Anniversary

The Butler/Indianapolis Shotokan Karate Club celebrated its 10th anniversary on December 4th, 2010.  After ten years there have been many Butler students that have practiced with the club.  Several have gone on to practice with other SKA dojos after their studies at Butler have concluded.  Several of these students returned to Butler in order to attend the celebration, flying in from as far as Los Angeles. 

Shotokan Karate of America

Shotokan Karate of America was founded in 1955 by Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima, a student of Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of modern-day karate.  Ohshima Sensei still acts as chief instructor of the SKA and many other SKA affiliated organizations around the globe.  Mr. Ohshima led the first public practices of karate in the United States in 1955 and led the the formation of the Southern California Karate Association in 1959, which then officially became Shotokan Karate of America.