Civil War Days at Monroe, Ohio October 22-23, 2011

The Monroe Historical Society hosted the first annual Civil War Days on October 22-23, 2011.  It was an opportunity for the people of Monroe and Butler County to experience living Civil War history.  There were several food booths, period musical performances, and an 1860's baseball game.  Visitors were able to speak with Abraham Lincoln, visit Union and Confederate camps, and witness a mock battle.
 A junior officer gets a rare opportuniy to speak with his Commander-in-Chief.
The umpire explains the rules of 1860's baseball to the Monroe Golden Lions and their oppenent for the day, the Monroe High School baseball team.
Scenes in the Confederate camp.
Visitors watch an embalmer at work.
This kilted officer in the Unon camp also played the bag pipes.
Generals Custer and Lee mingle with the crowd.
Confederate forces start the mock battle.
Union forces counterattack.
Confederate infantry presses the assault.
The Union infantrymen fight back.
Cavalry duel between the lines as the infantry maneuvers.
Both sides slug it out as the battle draws to a close.
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