Fantastic Shadows Upon the Ground, The Thirty-fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War by Greg Fugitt
Recruited in Butler, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren counties and organized in Hamilton, Ohio, the 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry was indomitable in war but nearly invisible to history.  This is the untold story of the 35th Ohio, the original Persimmon Regiment, brought to light in Fantastic Shadows Upon the Ground.  After two years on the fringes of the war, the regiment proved to be among the best of combat soldiers in the Army of the Cuimberland's two battles for Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Stories of the soldier's personal experiences with harsh conditions, enemy soldiers, Southern hostility, and escaped slaves describe what it was like to spend three years in the middle of America's Civil War.
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Cincinnati's Civil War Resources by Michael Riesenberg 
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Published in Ohio Valley History Journal, Winter 2010, pages 46-65