The 69th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Colonel L. D. CAMPBELL was appointed colonel of the Sixty-ninth Regiment, and a recruiting office was opened at Miami Hall.


Captain MURPHY's company of cavalry visited Hamilton on the 6th of November, and were handsomely entertained by the Sixty-ninth.


The Sixty-ninth Regiment was not wholly from this county. Besides Butler, it counts upon its lists the names of Darke, Montgomery, Preble, Harrison, and Fairfield. The first call for recruits was as follows:




"If any man hauls down the American flag, shoot him on the spot." John A. DIX.




The governor of Ohio has authorized the undersigned to recruit the Sixty-ninth Regiment of Infantry for service for three years or the war, and has established the rendezvous at Hamilton. It is important that this duty should be promptly executed, and I therefore invoke the active aid of all patriotic people. The vile traitors who have sacrilegiously defied the Constitution of our country, trampled the stars and stripes in the dust, and attempted to dissever the Union purchased by the blood of our fathers, are now rapidly approaching the borders of our State in battle array. These infamous miscreants bring in their train desolation and woe, and we can no longer hope for peace to our country or safety to our homes and firesides except by flying speedily to arms. Already our sister State, Kentucky, whose gallant sons came to our relief when we were weak, and watered the soil of Ohio with their best blood in the war of 1812, supplicates us for aid. Let us not prove ungrateful to them in this their hour of peril, or forget our high duties to ourselves and to posterity. Let the alarm cry be sounded and –


To Arms! To Arms!!


Recruiting officers have been appointed by the adjutant-general, and volunteers will be paid and subsisted from the date of enlistment.


The fair-grounds and buildings of the Agricultural Society will be immediately occupied as an encampment, where companies, squads, or single volunteers will be received and provided for.

LEWIS D. CAMPBELL, Hamilton, O., October 5, 1861.


The people responded enthusiastically. Recruiting went on all the latter part of 1861, and on the 19th of February the regiment, which had been organized in camp near Hamilton, took the railroad for Camp Chase. It was under the command of Colonel Lewis D. CAMPBELL, long and favorably known as the congressman from this district. On the 19th of February the Sixty-ninth was sent to Nashville, Tennessee, arriving there on the 22d. It went into camp on the grounds of Major Lewis, and was reviewed by Andrew JOHNSON, the warm personal friend of the colonel, then the military governor of Tennessee, and afterwards the Vice-president and President of the United States. On the 1st of May it went to Franklin, where it acted as the guard for forty miles of the Tennessee and Alabama Railroad. The rebel women of Franklin were especially bitter, and on one occasion evinced their venom against the national dead buried in the cemetery by dancing on their graves. Colonel CAMPBELL issued an order commenting in severe terms upon this indignity, and warning the people of Franklin against a repetition of such dastardly insults.

The regiment returned to Nashville on the 8th of June, going from that place by rail to Murfreesboro, and joining an expedition across the Cumberland Mountains. It returned to Murfreesboro at its close, having given a good illustration of its powers of marching. The troops suffered severely, and the rations proved to be in very short supply.

On the 20th of June it again entered Nashville, where it remained, doing provost duty until the last of July, Colonel CAMPBELL acting as provost marshall. General MORGAN, the rebel cavalry officer, made a descent upon Gallatin while the Sixty-ninth was in Nashville, and that regiment, with the Eleventh Michigan, went out to meet them, which they did with success, driving the enemy away, but losing one man, Isaas REPP, of Dayton. This was the first loss of the Sixty-ninth in battle.

Colonel CAMPBELL resigned on the 9th of August, and was succeeded by Lieutenant-colonel William B. CASSILLY. When BRAGG's army attempted a flank movement towards Louisville, the Sixty-ninth and other regiments were left in Nashville as a garrison for the city, a duty that proved very arduous, as there were not enough men to do it properly. Skirmishes were constantly taking place, and the men were becoming inured to military duty.

December 26th the regiment moved, with the army under General ROSECRANS, towards Murfreesboro. On the first day of the battle of Stone River the regiment was engaged with the enemy, taking position in the advance liine of General Georgh H. THOMAS's corps. It became involved in the disaster on the right, and was compelled to fight its enemy back to the Nashville Turnpike, suffering severely both in killed and wounded. On Friday, January 2d, the Sixty-ninth took part in the brilliant and desperate charge across Stone River against BRECKINRIDGE's rebel corps, in which the enemy were driven back with heavy loss. In this charge it captured a part of the famous Washington Battery, from New Orleans, the flag being taken by Seargeant Frederick WILSON, of Company E. The fight lasted until after dark, and proved to be the end of the battle, as on the morning the rebel army was not to be seen. Many were killed and wounded.

Colonel ELLIOTT wrote, shortly after the battle of Murfreesboro, as follows:

"We have passed through a terrible struggle, lasting five days. Most of that time it was raining hard and we were without tents and blankets, and had but little to eat. But the Sixty-ninth passed through all this without a murmur, and with few exceptions both officers and men behaved with great gallantry and bravery. I did not see an officer who had not done his whole duty, and I doubt if a braver set of men can be found in this army. Our loss, though not large, we feel deeply. The wounded are as well cared for as circumstances will admit of, and we hope soon to be able to provide for all their wants. But, amid the confusion, death, and carnage, it is hard to do any thing. It is but fair to add that the enemy treated all of our men who were wounded and taken prisoners most kindly. Some of the Sixty-ninth I found in private houses and tenderly waited on. Below find a list of killed and wounded:




"Captain COUNCELLOR, Company H, whilst bravely leading his company; at the same time and place, Seargeant MCGILLAN, Company B; Corporal ALLBRIGHT, Company E; Corporal J.C. BROWN, Company G; Private H. AIKENS, Company D; December 31, Benj. STEWARD, Company A.




"Colonel CASSILLY, arm; Major HICKCOX, horse shot and fell on him; Captain W. PATTON, Company G, in back and foot; Adjutant BOYNTON, leg; Captain DEVOR, Company D, neck, slightly; Lieutenant HICKS, Company A, arm; Lieutenant TUCKER, Company B., shoulder.


"Company A. - First Sergeant J.S. SCOTT, shoulder (missing); Corporal D. S. TETRICK, leg (prisoner); Private Lewis HULSE, leg; W. COULSON, ankle; J. BRAGG, leg; J. SIMPSON, arm (prisoner); R. MARCHANT, leg; W. MCLELLAN (prisoner); Geo. BALLARD (missing)


"Company B. - W. PORTER, cheek (prisoner); J. BULGER, hand; D. STEBBINS, ankle.


"Company C. - Captain Geo. B. HUBBARD, hand; W. LONGFELLOW, side; P. BIRCH, cheek, slight; J. R. MCGILL, shoulder, slight; V. HELLFERICK, shoulder, slight.


"Company D. - Sergeant Tipton KING, hand; C. C. WILSON, thigh; Henry STOLTE, thigh; Henry ZUMI, hand; Abram HAWKINS, shoulder.


"Company E. - Sergeant Thomas PERRY, hand; James REA, side; Geo. A. DAVIS, arm (prisoner); Isiah VENABLE, knee; Nathan JONES, face and shoulder.


"Company F. - Sergeant George SHEDD, shoulder; Corporal Jesse M. HOVENS, leg; John J. SIMMONDS, foot.


"Company G. - Corporal F. BUCK, arm; Corporal George PRITZ, leg (prisoner); Jacob HOLLER, neck; Joseph HOWELL, hand; Frank CASTOR, head; Joel WAGONER, shoulder.


"Company H. - Sergeant G. W. ESTRIDGE, thigh; Corporal Jacob BROBECK, abdomen; G. WEIDERLICH, back; C. PETERSON, thigh.


"Company I. - Sergeant J. C. CLARK, hand, slight; Corporal J. M. WILLIAMS, heel (leg amputated); Corporal R. MCKELORS, heel; J. MCALISTER, hand (prisoner); J. KILDON, heel; R. WELLS, shoulder, slightly.


"Company K. - Corporal G. M. JONES, back; Ch. GRAHAM, thigh; D. GAVERN, slightly; N. JOHNSON, slightly.


"The above is a full list of our killed and wounded. Colonel CASSILY, Major HICKCOX, and Adjutant BOYNTON, were wounded seriously in the commencement of the fight, on Wednesday, the 31st, while we were attempting to get position. The adjutant was taken prisoner. I found him and Captain PATTON in private houses, well cared for."


Lieutenant LARZALERE communicates an account of the conduct of Company F in the battle of Murfreesboro:

"The fight commenced early on Wednesday morning. Company F was ordered into the woods as a reserve to support the skirmishers, who were hotly engaged, sometimes our boys driving the enemy to their rifle-pits. Company F behaved most gallantly, while the tops of trees were falling and bombs bursting, grape and canister plowing through the woods, and the roar of the musketry was dreadful. Such a sight we never witnessed before, but with all this the boys behaved splendily and every man was at his post. It was then that Sergeant George SHEDD was wounded with a cannon ball. He stood directly in front of the company, the ball striking a stump close by me and glancing, striking Sergeant SHEDD on the shoulder. I supposed he was killed at the time, being carried off the field. I am proud to say he was not, for he is a brave boy and woudl never turn his back to the enemy. A number of the company distinguished themselves on that day. I had four men wounded and four missing. Sergeant SHEDD, Pat MURPHY, James HAVENS, and John SIMMONS were wounded. S. P. MILLER, Geo. SEARGRIST, Simon WATERS, and Oscar BRUIN were missing. I have entertained the idea that the missing were taken prisoners. I will give a short account of Friday's fight. In the charge across Stone River Company F were in the hottest. They fought with desperation. They were in advance, or at least the whole regiment was in advance. The enemy was on the one side of the river, and we on the other, but our boys were determined to cross the river, which they did. Now the fight became terrible. Every time the boys pulled trigger down came a rebel, till they could not stand the storm any longer, so off they went, throwing away guns, knapsacks, and accouterments, our boys pressing, capturing, and killing them by hundreds. The field was strewn with the dead and dying of the enemy, but still our boys pursued them nearly a mile, capturing one battery - the Washington Battery - said to be the best one in the service. I did not lose a man. Company F behaved most gallantly in this dreadful fight and deserved a great deal of credit for it, and they are ready and anxious for another fight. They are all well and in good condition. We are encamped one mile south of Murfreesboro at the present time."

The Tullahoma campaign was begun on the 24th of June, 1863. The regiment moved with the Fourteenth Corps, meeting no trouble until in the passage through Hoover's Gap, the enemy was engaged in a brisk fight. The enemy also made a stand at Elk River, but was quickly driven forward. A little further on they went into camp, it being impossible to make further progress in that deep mud and the impassable roads of that region. This was at Cowan's Station, and the army then remained until the 8th of September. It was detailed at that time as a guard to an ammunition train of four hundred and fifty wagons, going to Bridgeport, on the Tennessee River. It then marched to Chattanooga.

Joseph W. BOYNTON, the adjutant, died on the 5th of June, of wounds received at the battle of Stone River. The funeral services were performed by Rev. Mr. MCMILLAN, at the Presbyterian Church, at 2 P.M., Sunday. The procession from the church to Greenwood Cemetery was under the superintendence of Colonel CAMPBELL, and consisted of an escort from the One Hundred and Fifteenth Ohio and a large number of carriages. Lieutenant BOYNTON was a resident of Boston, Massachusetts. The officers of the regiment held a meeting in the camp near Murfreesboro, June 9th, for the purpose of giving expression to their sentiments; declared that the meeting was unanimous in their feeling of regret at the loss of so young and promising an officer, and that the news of his death came with a twofold force, from the fact of his friends in Tennessee having hitherto been buoyed up by the almost certain prospect of his ultimate recovery. The service at large, and that regiment in particular, it was believed, had, in the death of Lieutenant BOYNTON, met with a severe loss, a companion of genial and happy temperament, and an officer whose peculiar military talents were invaluable. The meeting deeply sympathized with the bereaved relatives of Lieutenant BOYNTON, who had thus offered up his life to his country; another victim added to the hecatombs sacrificed on the altars of rebellion.

Preparatory to the battle of Chickamauga the Sixty-ninth Ohio, with the reserve corps under General Gordon GRANGER, marched from Rossville to Chickamauga Creek. At this point, in obedience to an order from Colonel Dan. MCCOOK, commanding the brigade, the regiment advanced under Colonel BRIGHAM and burned Reed's Bridge, thus preventing the enemy from coming in on the rear of the national army. The regiment then fell back to Rossville, and immediately thereafter took charge of the division trains. For this reason it did not participate in the battle of Chickamauga. It afterwards aided in covering the retreat of the Fourteenth Corps towards Chattanooga.

The regiment participated in the battle of Mission Ridge, and was among the first to reach the top of the mountain. In this charge it was commanded by Major J. J. HANNA, who was highly complimented for his bravery and efficiency. In ascending the ridge Lieutenant J. S. SCOTT; Color Sergeant Jacob WETZELL; Color Corporals D. W. LEACH and John W. MEREDITH; Corporal E. J. MANCHE; privates KLUGER, ELSOM, VAN KIRK, SEWERS, and HEFLING were killed, and a large number wounded, many of whom subsequently died. March 16, 1864, the regiment, after having re-enlisted as veterans, started for Ohio on a furlough of thirty days. At the end of their furlough the men reported promptly at Camp Dennison, and on the 22d of April again started for the field.

After reaching Nashville they marched to Buzzard's Roost, arriving there on the the 11th of May. On May 14th the regiment, with the army, moved through Snake Creek Gap to a point near Resaca, where the enemy was met and engaged. At this place Color Sergeant John A. COMPTON and four others were killed, and twenty-six men wounded. At Pumpkin Vine Creek and at Dallas the enemy was again engaged. In these affairs the regiment lost five killed and nineteen wounded. Kenesaw Mountain was reached on the evening of June 14th. During this siege two men were killed. At Marietta, July 4th, another engagement was had with the enemy, in which the regiment lost one man killed and seven wounded. The next stand was at the crossing of the Chattahoochie River, in which the regiment escaped without loss. On the 21st one man was killed and ten wounded. July 22d brought the regiment and the army before Atlanta. During the siege nine men were wounded, two of whom subsequently died.

On September 1st the Sixty-ninth took part in the fight at Jonesboro, and lost Lieutenant Jacob S. PIERSON, Martin V. BAILEY, color-sergeant Allen L. JOBES, of Company D, and five men killed and thirty-six wounded, some of whom died in a few hours after the fight. The battle caused the evacuation of Atlanta, and the national forces occupied that city. The regiment participated in the subsequent chase after Hood through the upper part of Georgia and into Alabama. It then returned to Atlanta, and joined Sherman's march to the sea, losing during its progress one man by disease and four captured. Arriving in Savannah, it took position in the front line.

          In the campaign through the Carolinas the regiment was engaged with the enemy near Goldsboro, North Carolina, March 19, 1865, and lost two killed and eight wounded. This was the last affair in which it participated. Then came the march through Richmond, the review at Washington, the transfer to Louisville, and lastly, the final muster out of the service on the 17th of July, 1865.


The following is a list of the officers and non-commissioned officers of the regiment, together with the killed and wounded:


Colonels. - Lewis D. CAMPBELL, resigned August 9, 1862. William B. CASSILLY, August 9, 1862; dismissed December 3, 1862. Marshall F. MOORE, appointed colonel from lieutenant-colonel Seventeenth Ohio, February 23, 1863; resigned November 7, 1864. Joseph H. BRIGHAM, July 10, 1865.

Lieutenant-colonels. - Charles L. GANO, major, October 30, 1861; lieutenant-colonel, August 9, 1862; resigned October 24, 1862, on account of disability. George F. ELLIOTT, captain Company C, January 20, 1862; major, August 9, 1862; lieutenant-colonel, October 24, 1862; resigned February 5, 1863, Lewis E. HICKS, July 10, 1865.

Majors. - Eli J. HICKCOX, captain Company D, January 20, 1862; major, October 26, 1862; resigned May 24, 1863, on account of disability. James J. HANNA, private Company K, June 23, 1862; captain, March 23, 1863; major, June 9, 1863; mustered out march 23, 1865, Lewis E. HICKS, private, September 12, 1861; first sergeant, October 12, 1861; second lieutenant, March 12, 1863; captain, June 13, 1863; major, June 8, 1865. Alex. LEMON, July 14, 1865.

Surgeons. - Lewis SLUSSER, mustered out, April 10, 1865. Robert A. STEPHENSON, May 20, 1865.

Assistant Surgeons. - Moses H. HAGINS, resigned September 10, 1862. Milton A. FROST, resigned April 25, 1863, on account of disability. Levi B. NORTHROP, June 26, 1865.

Adjutants. - Richard H. CUNNINGHAM, March 5, 1863; relieved August 9, 1863; reappointed December 19, 1863. Joseph W. BOYNTON, first lieutenant, October 2, 1861, wounded in battle of Stone River, dying in June. William S. MEAD, August 9, 1863; relieved and assigned to Company D December 19, 1863. Thomas B. HOFFMAN, private Company I, January 25, 1862; second lieutenant, March 4, 1862; first lieutenant Company A July 18, 1864; adjutant, December 31, 1864.

Quartermasters. - Frederick B. LANDIS, captain, mustered out December 31, 1864. Levi E. Chenoweth, private Company E; commissary sergeant, February 26, 1864; first lieutenant, February 2, 1865; captain Company I June 16, 1865.

Chaplains. - William G. BROWNLOW, mustered out from date of appointment for absence without leave. William H. RODGERS.


The following persons also appear on the rolls without designated companies:

Captains. - Alex. MAHOOD, January 20, 1863; resigned November 5, 1864; William H. MEAD, August 11, 1864, dismissed Janary 7, 1865; Timothy HUBBARD, January 18, 1865; Jacob J. RANCK, January 2, 1863; mustered out second lieutenant. Patrick H. LUDDITT, resigned September 18, 1862.


Company A.

Captains. - Joseph H BRIGHAM, December 11, 1861; lieutenant-colonel, February 23, 1863. Lewis E. HICKS, June 13, 1863; major, June 8, 1865. Jacob LEAS, commissary sergeant, February 26, 1864; first lieutenant, February 22, 1864; captain, June 16, 1865

First Lieutenenats. - Richard H. CUNNINGHAM, adjutant, September 19, 1863; mustered out December 31, 1864. Thomas B. HOFFMAN, adjutant, December 31, 1864.

Second Lieutenants. - Frank SWEENY, October 17, 1861; first lieutenant of Company K, November 20, 1862. John S. SCOTT, killed in action at Mission Ridge. William N. BENEDICT, promoted to first lieutenant of Company C, February 2, 1865.

First Sergeant. - Thomas ADAMS, wounded at Catawba River, February 28, 1865.

Sergeants. - Andrew J. NIXON, wounded near Atlanta, July 21, 1864. Allen D. BAYSORE, Lewis C. MAHAN, John W. SIMPSON.

Corporals. - Millon V. VOORHEES, wounded. William H. BRATT, Samuel RHOADS, George C. BALLARD, wounded at Jonesboro, Georgia, September 1, 1864. Robert CLENDENIN, Andrew J. BENNETT.

Died. - Benjamon F. BELCH, corporal, died of wounds, January 11, 1864; Samuel NIXON, corporal, wounded at Jonesboro, dying September 11, 1864; William BISHOP, wounds received May 29th at Pumpkin Vine Creek; William COULSON, wounds received at Peachtree Creek, July 21, 1864; Philip KENNARD, disease, June 23, 1864; Thomas J. THOMPSON, disease, Milledgeville, December 25, 1864.


Company B.

Captains. - Charles N. GIBBS, second lieutenant, October 7th; captain, December 9th; resigned August 13, 1862. Marmaduke WELPLEY, first lieutenant, December 9, 1861; captain, November 1, 1862; resigned April 16, 1863. Alexander LEMON, second lieutenant, September 9, 1861; first lieutenant, November 1, 1862; captain, June 13, 1863.

First Lieutenants. - Joseph E. TUCKER, June 13, 1863; resigned November 11, 1863. Samuel P. MURRAY, sergeant, October 15, 1861; second lieutenant, June 13, 1863; first lieutenant, August 23, 1864; transferred to Company F June 16, 1865. Thomas B. WHITE, corporal, January 7, 1862; first sergeant, March 1, 1865; fgirst lieutenant, June 16, 1865.

Second Lieutenant. - Alex. LEMON, promoted to first lieutenant.

Sergeants. - James Wright, corporal, February 19, 1864; sergeant, November 8, 1864; first sergeant, June 16, 1865. John L. KEELY, March 1, 1865; Moses M. LOGAN, March 1, 1865; George W. MENCLE, June 16, 1865; David AUSTIN, June 16, 1865.

Corporals - James CRAMEIME, March 1, 1865. Solomon B. DILL, June 16, 1865. Theodorus V. HOWE, June 16, 1865; Robert ROBERSON, June 16, 1865; John FABER, June 16, 1865; Michael DEMPSEY, March 5, 1864; George PENNEY, March 12, 1864; George PENNEY, march 12, 1864; Charles P. MORSE, March 1, 1855 (1865?).

Died. - Walter SCULL, corporal, February 19, 1864. George F. HOWARD, killed at battle of Bentonville, N. C., March 19, 1865. Frederick OCKERHAUSER, killed at battle of Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. Alfred WILSTE, killed in action at Kenesaw Mountain, June 16, 1864. Conrad ALT, at Chattanooga, Tenn., July 7, 1864, of wounds received at Resaca. John H. COOMBS, in general field hospital, near Atlanta, Ga., August 11, 1864, of wounds received at Atlanta. William CAMERON, at Andersonville prison, July 6, 1864. Jacob LOPLAND, at sea, March 18, 1865. Jefferson RALL, at Chattanooga, August 20, 1864, in hospital.

Deserted. - William JONES, April 18, 1864. John Smith, April 18, 1864.


Company C.

Captain. - William N. BENEDICT, first sergeant, February 22, 1864; second lieutenant, August 24, 1864; first lieutenant, February 22, 1865.

First Lieutenants. - Jacob S. PIERSON, second lieutenant, May 3, 1863; first lieutenant, June 13, 1863; killed at Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. Danforth B. THOMPSON, first sergeant, March 6, 1865, first lieutenant, June 16, 1865, George B. HUBBARD, October 9, 1861; promoted to captain. Thurston C. CHALLEN.

Second Lieutenants. - William C. BARNETT, June 13, 1863. Ross J. HAZELTINE, December 9, 1861; promoted to first lieutenant. Abram P. COX, August 9, 1862; appointed captain, Mississippi Marine Brigade.

Sergeants. - Pembroke BIRCH, corporal, February 6, 1865; sergeant, June 16, 1865; first sergeant, June 7, 1865. William B. BOWMAN, March 19, 1864. James R. MCGILL, corporal, February 22, 1864; sergeant, June 1, 1864. Casper MAILE, corporal, February 22, 1864; sergeant, February 6, 1865. Wilbur E. LOTT, corporal, March 22, 1864; sergeant-major, May 11, 1865.

Corporals. - Jerome JORDAN, February 22, 1864, wounded. James W. HOMMER, February 22, 1864. Stiles C. IRELAND, February 6, 1865. Daniel LONGFELLOW, February 6, 1865.

George W. CRITES; David W. MOOREHOUSE, May 1, 1865. Steward FULK, May 1, 1865.

Died. - John A. COMPTON, sergeant, killed in action at Resaca, Ga., May 14, 1864. Wilson S. MERCER, sergeant, killed in action at Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga., May 31, 1864. Thomas W. BRODERICK, sergeant, died July 19, 1864, of wounds received at Pumpkin Vine Creek, May 31, 1864. John W. COHEN, killed at Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. Henry C. CAMPBELL, killed at Jonesboro, Ga. Thomas B. VAN HORNE, killed at Bentonville, N. C. March 19, 1865. David ROSS, died at Nashville, Tenn., of wounds received at Pumpkin Vine Creek, May 31, 1864.


Company D.

Captains. - Eli I. HICKCOX, second lieutenant, October 5, 1861; captain, December 15, 1861; major, October 24, 1862. James DEVOR, first lieutenant, December 15, 1861; captain, May 1, 1863; resigned, May 15, 1863. William LARZALERE, second lieutenant, Company F, December 16, 1861; first lieutenant, June 13, 1863; captain, Company D, September 26, 1863; mustered out December 31, 1864. James WHARRY, second lieutenant, Company D, June 13, 1863; first lieutenant, Company K, September 23, 1864; captain, Company D, June 16, 1865.

First Lieutenants. - William S. MEAD, May 20, 1863. James J. KING, June 8, 1865.

Second Lieutenants. - Jacob W. SNIVELY, resigned, June 23, 1862. William S. FAULKNER, June 22, 1862; resigned, May 19, 1863.

Sergeants. - Gavin W. HAMILTON, March 7, 1864. Jonathan BOWMAN, September 1, 1864. Jeremiah S. RECK, May 3, 1865. James T. KING, March 7, 1864; sergeant-major, December 29, 1864. Anthony B. RAYMOND, quartermaster's sergeant, July 3, 1865.

Corporals. - Jefferson RYNEARSON, Josiah RYNEARSON, Adam ROBINS. civilian K. WILSON, taken prisoner February 15, 1865; exchanged, March 30, 1865. John MOORE, corporal, March 30, 1865. James THORNE, May 15, 1865.

Died. - Allen S. JOBES, sergeant, killed in action September 1, 1864, at Jonesboro, Ga. John M. FIFER, killed near Bentonville, March 19, 1865. John BOWMAN, at Atlanta, Ga., of wounds received at Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. Samuel DEFORREST, June 13, 1864, of wounds received May 28, 1864. Ross DUGAN, June 16, 1864, of wounds received June 3d. Josiah M. RICHARDSON, August 24, 1864, of wounds received August 9th. Dennis DOWNEY, of disease while on furlough, March 16, 1864.

Missing. - Clinton M. POTTER, first sergeant, captured November 7, 1864, and since then never heard of.

Deserted. - Frederick AMMON, Henry ADAMS, Marsalius BAKER, Joseph A. BIRD, John


.Transferred. - James MCDANIEL, Veteran Reserve Corps, December 22, 1864. William FRANK, United States Engineers.


Company E.

Captains. - George W. MOORE, second lieutenant, December 16, 1861; first lieutenant, June 15, 1863; captain, September 26, 1863; mustered out February 2, 1864. Nelson T. CHENOWETH, second lieutenant, June 15, 1863; first lieutenant, September 16, 1863; captain, March 1, 1865. David PUTNAM, December 16, 1861, promoted to major.

First Lieutenants. - Jacob LEAS, commissary sergeant, February 26, 1864; first lieutenant, February 2, 1865; captain, Company A, June 16, 1865. John M. BOATMAN, October 16, 1861; resigned, April 30, 1862.

Sergeants. - William W. WILSON, corporal, March 7, 1864; sergeant, December 2, 1864; first sergeant, February 22, 1864, James REA, November 19, 1863; sergeant, January 22, 1865; wounded at Bentonville, Ga., March 19, 1865. William W. COLLINS, November 19, 1863. Lewis A. ALBRIGHT, corporal, November 19, 1863; sergeant, June 1, 1865. Jacob W. JUDAY, corporal, January 22, 1865; sergeant, July 7, 1865.

Corporals. - Joel T. CHENOWETH, February 22, 1864. Harvey WEAVER, August 1, 1864. Lewis ALEXANDER, June 1, 1865. George W. MCCLELLAN, July 7, 1865. Isaac KILTNER, July 7, 1865. William P. ROBINSON, July 1, 1865. James C. FOWLER, July 7 1865. David PIERSON, July 7, 1865.

Died. - Calvin BROCK, Killed at the battle of Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. William B. ANDERSON, died at Camp Chase, August 28, 1864.

Transferred. - Nathan ACHEY, Veteran Reserve Corps, March 15, 1865. Levi E. CHENOWETH, quartermaster's sergeant, March 6, 1864. Harvey MOTE, wounded at Resaca, Ga., May 14, 1864; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, January 10, 1865 Michael MCGUIRE, transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, March 10, 1864. George W. RIEKER, wounded in left hand at battle of Resaca, Ga., May 14, 1864; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps. Augustus N. WILSON, promoted to hospital steward.


Company F.

Captains. - Robert CLEMENTS, dismissed, November 3, 1863. Samuel MURRAY, sergeant, October 15, 1861; second lieutenant, June 13, 1863; first lieutenant, august 23, 1864; captain, June 16, 1865; commanidng Company B, January 1st to May 25, 1865.

First Lieutenants. - Clemenst D. SMITH, resigned, May 27, 1863. William LARZALERE, September 26, 1863. Frederick LOUTHAN, first sergeant, September 21, 1861; first lieutenant, September 26, 1863. Zenas S. POULSON, promoted to captain, Company K, June 15, 1865. Oscaf F. SMITH, May 31, 1865.

Second Lieutenant. - Frederick E. WILSON, promoted first lieutenant, Company H, September 28, 1863.

Sergeants. - Levi BREIDENSTEIN, March 6, 1864. Orville L. MCCLUNG, January 3, 1865. Stephen Mills, January 3, 1865. Stephen MILLS, January 3, 1865.

Corporals. - Daniel SPANGLER, January 3, 1865. Erastus BENTON, May 11, 1865. George W. BROWN, May 11, 1865. John TUCKER, killed in action at Pumpkin Vine Creek, June 6, 1864. John I. SIMMONS, killed at Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. Alexander HOUSE, killed at Bentonville, N. C., March 19, 1865.

Died. - Patrick MURPHY, killed in action at Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga., June 3, 1864. Henry STICKLE, killed in action, July 21, 1864, near Peachtree Creek, Ga. Oscar F. SMITH, sergeant, died of injuries received in railroad accident, June 30, 1865. John SCHELLHOUSE, August 19, 1864, at Chattanooga, Michael SWHWENK, December 6, 1864, in hospital. Charles WALTON, September 25, 1864, at Atlanta, Ga.

Deserters. - Charles CARTER, Edward CARTER, Willima H. HARVEY, Michael KELLER, Levi MORRIS.


Company G.

Captains. - Jacob SHAFFER, first sergeant, February 26, 1864; first lieutenant, February 2, 1865; captain, June 16, 1865. William PATTON, December 29, 1862; resigned, July 25, 1863.

First Lieutenants. - Martin V. BAILEY, September 26, 1863; killed at Jonesboro, Ga., September 1, 1864. William VAN DORN, January 29, 1862; resigned, August 1, 1863.

Second Lieutenant. - David P. REED, January 29, 1862; promoted to first lieutenant.

Sergeants. - George W. ANDERSON, first sergeant. Franklin BUCK. Daniel R. HOLDERMAN. Henry TAFF. Francis M. CARTER.

Corporals. - George PORTER. Aaron WESINGER. Joseph YEAGLER. Edward SPRINGER. Aaron WANG. Riece M. REED. John M. HOLDERMAN.

Died. - Elijah CAYLER, died in Freed Hospital, Nashville, January 23, 1864. Manuel NOFFSINGER, died in Nashville, May 12, 1864. Perry SERVER, died of wounds received at the battle of Resaca, Ga., May 21, 1864.

Deserted. - George W. BETT, December 17, 1864. William GUSTIN, January 27, 1865. Thomas WARD, January 27, 1865.

Discharged. - Augustus MIZENER, to accept appointment as commissioned officer. Samuel BERNHART, May 22, 1865. Alexander BELT, June 5, 1865. Richard MCFORAN, June 1, 1865. Henry STANLEY, for disability, October 17, 1864.

Transferred. - John H. MORRIS, to Veteran Reserve Corps. Samuel R. MAPS, Veteran Reserve Corps.


Company H.

Captains. - Edward R. BLACK, second lieutanant, January 21, 1862; first lieutanent, March 23, 1862; captain, June 22, 1863. Leonard C. COUNCELLOR, March 3, 1862; killed, January 22, 1863.


First Lieutenants. - David P. REED, promoted to captain Company G, July 29, 1863. Frederick E. WILSON, resigned, September 10, 1864.


Second Lieutenant. - Frederick PICKERING, March 3, 1862; dismissed, May 7, 1863.


Sergeants. - Levi A. BOYSEL, first sergeant. John PARSELS. Marcus EATON. John O'CONNELL. Frederick HETENHOUSER.


Corporals. - Irwin T. JONES. George BOWERS. Isaac N. FOUST. James JUSTICE. George W. WEAVER. John YOUNG. Gunen P. YOUNG. Rufus R. HURDLE.


Died. - John HEIRY, sergeant, killed in action, May 14, 1864, at Resaca, Ga. Benjamon ROLING, killed at Resaca. Thomas JOHNSON, killed at Resaca. Henry FRANKFORD, killed in action in front of Atlanta, Ga., July 4, 1864. William SCOTT, died in Hospital August 7, 1864, from gunshot wound received in action near Atlanta, Ga.


Deserted. - Henry FRITZ, April 22, 1864.


Company I.


Captains. - L. E. CHENOWETH, quartermaster's sergeant, February 28, 1864; first lieutenant, February 2, 1865; captain, June 16, 1865.

First Lieutenants. - Augustus MIZENER, sergeant, September 1, 1864; first lieutenant, June 16, 1865. James G. ELRICK, March 21, 1862; resigned September 18, 1862.

Second Lieutenant. - Thomas B. HOFFMAN, March 21, 1862, promoted to first lieutenant.

Sergeants. - James W. CLARK, first sergeant; Adam STURTZ, John MCALLISTER, David A. SAYRE, Rufus R. WELLS, reduced to ranks April 14, 1865; reappointed sergeant May 1, 1865.

Corporals. - Henry F. MCENDREE, John B. KILDOW, John K. EDDY, Riley WIGGINS, John TURBETT, George R. BRECKINRIDGE.

Died. - John H. JOHNSON, first sergeant, September 2, 1864, of wounds received at the battle of Jonesboro. John W. BROOKS, first sergeant, died April 4, 1864, of wounds received in a railway accident. William H. HILL, June 5, 1864, of wounds received in action at Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga. John MUNSON, October 1, 1864, from wounds received at battle of Jonesboro.

Transferred. - Oliver WILKISON, to the Veteran Reserve Corps.


Company K.

Captains. - Zenas S. POULSON, first sergeant, February 15, 1864; first lieutenant Company D, April 9, 1865; captain Company K, June 15, 1865; John V. HELSIP, March 21, 1862; resigned April 11, 1863.

First Lieutenants. - James WHARRY, first sergeant, December 16, 1861; first lieutenant, June 18, 1863; captain Company D, June 15, 1865. William J. PORTER, first sergeant, August 31, 1864; first lieutenant, June 16, 1865. William CODY, March 25, 1862; mustered out, December 25, 1862.

Second Lieutenant. - William C. BARNETT, January 7, 1862, promoted to first lieutenant.

Sergeants. - James W. WORSTELL, George M. JONES, William H. HARRIS, George W. TIPTON.

Corporals. - Ephraim H. JOHNSON, James W. MCCURDY, John LISLE, George W. MOORE, William CASS.