The 167th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment, National Guard, was the third complete, or nearly complete, regiment that went out from this county. It was one intended only for one hundred days' service. It was organized near this city on the 2d of May, 1864, and was sworn into the United States service on the 16th of the same month. On the 18th it received marching orders for West Virginia, and reached Charleston, in that State, on the 21st of May, reporting to Colonel EWART. Six companies were immediately sent to Camp Piatt, and four to Gauley Bridge. At these points they relieved the Second, Third, and Seventh regiments of Virginia cavalry. The only duty the regiment was called upon to perform was guarding government stores, and accompanying trains to and from the main bodies of the national forces in that portion of Western Virginia. The posts were posts of supply. At the conclusion of their terms of service the regiment was promptly relieved, mustered out, and transported home. Many of the men joined other regiments, and went out again.


Following is a list of the officers and non-commissioned officers of the regiment:


Colonel. - Thomas MOORE.

Lieutenant-colonel. - James E. NEWTON.

Major. - John F. BENDER.

Surgeon. - Moses H. HAYNES.

Assistant Surgeon. - James S. FERGUSON.

Adjutant. - Lafayette TRABER.

Quartermaster. - Henry P. DORE.

Chaplain. - Jeremiah GEIGER.


Company A.

Captain. - James E. STEWART.

First Lieutenant. - James A. KENNEDY.

Second Lieutenant. - Charles M. DEXTER.

Sergeants. - James T. LONGSTREET, John C. MCCRACKEN, Charles MOORE, John W. CRAIG, Samuel GATH.

Corporals. - George W. SADDLER, Joseph HAYDEN, Samuel MCDONALD, Richard BUTLER, Jacob A ZELLER, Abner L. HOWREN, Cyrus D. CROSS, John J. WRIGHT, Jr.

Deserted. - Jacob HAUS.

Died. - George S. SMITH, August 14, 1864, at Brownstown.


Company B.

Captain. - Edward T. JONES.

First Lieutenant. - S. W. WOODRUFF.

Second Lieutenant. -Crossley VAUGHN.

Sergeants. - David MERCER, James SCOTT, Isaac ERVEN, J. T. DE ARMOND, L. G. FARR.

Corporals. - Levi NEASE, Morris JONES, Cornelius STOUGHTON, T. G. CALDWELL, Alonzo BUELL, James E. BEBB, Theo. FIELDS.

Killed. - John BEIHLMAN, by scouting party of Company G, June 25, 1864.


Company C.

Captain. - John KOENGER.

First Lieutenant. - Jacob KURZ.

Second Lieutenant. - Phil. WINKELHAUS.

Sergeants. - J. H. KEVERS, Louis WORANER, Henry SLEIN, Ernst BLUM, Michael LINK, William WOLLENWEIBER.

Corporals. - Jacob BENDER, Charles FRIEBEL, Henry OVERMEIER, Jacob HAMMONN, John C. JAHRANS, Peter GRATZ, Peter KRIEGENHOFFER.

Deserted. - Isaac JACKSON, Frank SCHODEL.


Company D.

Captain. - B. F. BOOKWALTER.

First Lieutenant. - A. W. ECKERT.

Second Lieutenant. - A. P. RICHARDSON.

Sergeants. - James RAY, William F. WILSON, M. O. BEAN, Job INMAN, John JACOBS.

Corporals. - A. B. CRIST, Amos D. KUMLER, John SMITH, Samuel ROSE, Brown WILSON, William F. JACOBS, Elliott HUFFMAN, John HUNSICKER.


Company E.

Captain. - George C. WARVEL.

First Lieutenant. - Benjamin F. BANKER.

Second Lieutenant. - John BUSENBARK.

Sergeants. - D. D. EVANS, Amos POTTER, H. H. LONG, Isaac GEBHART, Frank COURTHWAIT.

Corporals. - Henry V. WILLIAMSON, nelson LUCAS, Philip H. KUMLER, Austin L. KUMLER, Henry CARNEY, Samuel D. WEAVER, Albert PTTER, Augustus COURTHWAIT.

Deserted. - Ed. JONES, Van Buren VANCE.


Company F.

Captain. - John C. LEWIS.

First Lieutenant. - James F. E. IMLEY.

Second Lieutenant. - Samuel S. GARVER.

Sergeants. - John S. CHAPMAN, Adam P. BREWER, George W. ANDERSON, Archibald LAURIE, Luther P. HUSTON.

Corporals. - Harry BOBBINMYER, John P. STONE, Leonard W. O'BRIEN, Benj. F. RANDOLPH, Timothy E. SCOVEY, Hiram G. O. DAIR, George B. WATSON, Daniel W. FITTON.


Company G.

Captain. - David B. KERR.

First Lieutenant. - Thomas H. ROBERTSON.

Second Lieutenant. - William E. MCKECKNIE.

Sergeants. - William KOHR, Frank BANKER, Comly P. BENNETT, Joel K. WEBSTER, Henry REED.

Corporals. - Samuel WICKEL, A. G. CLENDENNING, Jacob SERVIS, Frank ERWIN, John TAYLOR, William S. HOLMES, Thomas D. MCADAMS, Arthur WILSON.

Deserted. - Leonidas H. BUTLER, Peter BLAZOR, James BRASHEAR, Thomas . KENNARD, Alfred KEYS, Samuel RALSTON, James ROSS, Jackson SWEENEY, Langsdon SHEAFF.


Company H.

Captain. - James A. STEVENS.

First Lieutenant. - L. D. KEIL.

Second Lieutenant. - Levi JAMESON.

Sergeants. - A. M. MURRAY, W. R. WOODSIDE, H. R. WEBLE, Joseph BONAKER, Ira STEVENS.

Corporals. - John EARHART, Hosea SAMUEL, G. W. ROBINSON, James B. DECAMP, S. D. THURSTON, William STEVENS, J. H. KEIL, O. P. MOREY.


Company I.

Captain. - Samuel K. WICKARD.

First Lieutenant. - Philip H. WALTY.

Second Lieutenant. - Henry C. GRAY.

Sergeants. - Playton P. REES, James P. MARTINADLE, Miles J. SPOOR, Freeman P. APPLEGATE.

Corporals. - William B. WALLACE, Thomas J. WOODRUFF, Samuel J. DUNWOODY, John D. SCOTT, Joseph WALTY, Rufus CONE, Richard COLE.


Company K.

Captain. - Daniel D. ZELLER.

First Lieutenant. - Washington B. DAVIS.

Second Lieutenant. - Matthew T. WHIPPLE.

Sergeants.- Alexander B. EMERICK, A. C. CUMLER, W. T. ROLL, W. N. BAILEY, A. H. MILLER.

Corporals. - William COCHRANE, D. D. BEALS, Daniel WICKARD, Edwin ROSS, Abraham RUMPLE, J. G. KNOX, J. D. GOSHORN, F. M. KUMLER.

Died. - William STERRETT, August 15, 1864; W. J. WILLIAMS, August 14, 1864.