BC Civil War History

Learn about the impact of the war on Butler County.  No battles were fought in Butler County, but the Civil War and related events greatly impacted the lives of local residents.  During the four-year conflict thousands of local men served in uniform, some fighting for the Union, others for the Confederacy.  These local individuals witnessed events that were pivotal to the outcome of the war and the course of history.  Those that returned home brought with them stories of hard marching, brutal fighting, and first-hand accounts of history in the making.
While the war continued the home population was confronted with issues all their own.  Local political figures and movements took varying stances on the war - some gaining national attention.  Hamilton and Middletown industries adjusted their operations to support the war effort.  Mothers, wives, and children operated the farms and businesses while fathers, husbands, and sons served in the military.  Twice during the war, the region was threatened by sizable Confederate forces causing panic and alarm.  And when the war ended the local population, much like the rest of the nation, faced an unprecendented death toll and dramatic social, political, and economic changes.