Smith Library of Regional History

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a.      Ferdinand Van Derveer Family Collection, 35th OVI
b.      Alfred Amlin Correspondence, 35th OVI

c.      William M. James Diary, 149th OVI

d.      John D. Inskeep Diary, 17th OVI

e.      Charles E. Merritt Diary, 19th OVI

f.       Edward L. Hill Collected Material, 20th OVI

g.      Hugh D. Coursey Correspondence, 34th OVI

h.      Gavin McMillan Correspondence, 93rd OVI

i.        John Seits Diary and Correspondence, 35th OVI

j.        Samuel M. Hockersmith Correspondence, 47th OVI

k.      Joseph Little Correspondence, 47th OVI

l.        Williams Family Correspondence, 54th OVI

m.    Thomas C. Patterson Correspondence, 79th OVI

n.      Charles Wright Correspondence, 81st OVI

o.      Robert W. McFarland Collection, 86th OVI

p.      Sterrit G. Smith’s Account, 93rd OVI

q.      A. Shannon Butler Correspondence, 37th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

r.       Moon Family Collected Material (Confederate connections)

s.      James Crawford Ledger Book including Relief of Families of Volunteers, (AR 91-0408)

t.       Alphabetical Index to the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion

u.      Rolls of Civil War Soldiers, Veterans, and Exemptions, Butler county Ohio (copies), AR 80-0180

v.      U.S. Army, Ohio Infantry (1861-1865) Records, 1865-1903 (copies of service and pension records), (AR 80-0181)

w.    G.A.R. Wetzel-Compton Post 96 (Hamilton, Ohio) Records (copies), (AR 80-0185)

x.      G.A.R. Millikin Post 228 (Oxford, Ohio) and other materials, (AR 80-0190)

y.      G.A.R. Old John Brown Post 450 (Oxford, Ohio) and other materials on Oxford African-Americans in the Civil War, A(R 80-0195)

z.      National Archives Records of Oxford African-Americans in the Civil War (copies), (AR-0205)

aa.  Published histories of close to 50 Ohio regiments in the Civil War
bb. William W. Osborne Correspondence, 47th OVI
cc. The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865), prepared under the direction of Surgeon General Jospeh K. Barnes, 1870-1888
dd. Wharton Brothers Correspondence, 83rd OVI
ee. Robert Adams Collection, 20th OVI