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                   Half Moon P
ower Chair sm
unit has a unique smaller finger (s) lever joystick- similar tiller-steering
controller.  one handed-sided operation is the key here and the wide-open front of the machine. we like this better than a huge overly sensitive joystick. many of those in our experience can be hurky jerky and seemingly throw one around at times.  this unit however is very smooth. 

The black controller you see across the seat can be mounted on the left side or right side along the sam
e angle as the arm rests left or right side.

We can make a multitude of  custom adjustments for your maximum comfort. 
we think this
turns very nicely this also has a
shorter wheelbase. i
t also has a half moon SOLID heavy duty metal footrest -we think this streamlined design helps getting around items and tightly placed furniture.

is unit was well made of alot of metal so you can feel secure while on it ! busy bee- the safe mobility choice.sm  these features and more all add up to giving you  great control all around especially throughout the house and indoors. This Rascal 255 Mobility device drives and has the power of a scooter, but turns like a power chair/powerchair.

  •    4 wheel electric unit - very stable and and it features
rear anti tip wheels as well !
  •  Modular take apart design.  configured as powerchair
  •  Built in charger hidden from view (no external charger that is bulky and easy to loose) 
  • rear expandable space saving basket
  • safety flag
  • charging
    window shows how much longer - progress of charging .
  • adjustable speeds. 
  • unique design
  •  Overall Length: 47".
  •  Width: 25".
  •  Turning Radius: 63".
  •  Maximum Speed: 5.0 mph.
  •  Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Heaviest Component: 39.5 lbs.
  •  Range: up to 25 miles.
  • seatlift
                                           and more.

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