"Bumble Bees"© Pre-School Program

Learning, Loving and Growing

Preschool at Busy Bee fills every day with learning and fun, through a variety of independent and small group activities. Preschoolers experience the joy of learning through stories, books, letters and early writing experiences. They also develop math and social skills and enjoy creative activities like painting, singing and drama. All of these activities are designed to be fun, so children don't just learn, they love to learn.

Key Benefits:

 - Learning doesn't stop when kids go outside to enjoy the Busy Bee playground. Just like a classroom, the playground is divided into specific areas that encourage learning through play. Your child can choose from a variety of activities, including quiet learning, nature study, and imaginative play - along with some great sliding, climbing, riding, and much more

A Balanced Day - Every day at Busy Bee is carefully structured to provide children with a balanced routine for learning, growing, and enjoying their day. Short, focused group activities are alternated with individual playtime, small group interactions and rest periods to keep everyone smiling, playing and learning.

Health and Safety - Your child's safety is our number one concern. Preschoolers are an active and adventurous bunch, so Busy Bee's 40 years of experience comes in handy in providing a safe and healthy environment for young bodies and minds.

  1. Early French Immersion pre-school program
  2. TumbleBees mini gymnastics pre-school program
  3. "smART" Bees - junior art program
  4. Your child will develop math and science skills with our hands-on experiences.
  5. Thematic units encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence.
  6. Daily language experiences are introduced to support literacy and language development.
  7. Observation-based assessments are used to monitor learning.
  8. Portfolios are used to collect your child's work and capture learning.
  9. You will enjoy regular communication with teachers so that you are informed about your child's day.