"Baby Bees"© - Infant Program

Personalized Care for Your Baby

Infant spaces available in Lake Echo and Porters Lake Centers

Busy Bee provides every infant with a warm and secure environment, and plenty of attention from caring adults. Personalized schedules and tender interactions throughout the day encourage them to learn, develop and grow in their own unique way. 
Key Benefits

Helping Your Baby Learn and Grow - All infants are natural and enthusiastic learners, so we provide a complete, research-based curriculum to encourage your baby's development. Our balanced routine includes plenty of attention and lots of age-appropriate toys and activities.

Warm and Personal Interactions - Hugging, singing, rocking and playing are standard fare in every Busy Bee infant room. Children respond best to warm, face-to-face interactions, so our teachers always interact at their level. Soft toys make fun friends, too. Positive exchanges like these help support your child's growing sense of trust.

Activities for Growth - Colorful toys and sturdy picture books invite infants to touch and explore. Such developmentally appropriate learning materials help our youngest learners practice reaching, grasping, and tracking objects with their eyes.

A Balanced Day - Every infant has a unique daily rhythm for eating, sleeping and playing, so we use a personalized written schedule for each child. A "My Day" progress chart helps us to shape and track your baby's daily experience, to help meet their needs and your expectations. We also use it to record their growth and development, so we can share their progress with you on a daily basis.

  1. Age-appropriate toys, games and music are provided to stimulate development.
  2. Your child receives nurturing personal care to build self-esteem.
  3. Stimulating activities and group interactions generate interest and curiosity as your child grows
  4. You will enjoy regular communication with teachers, including daily notes, so that you are informed about your child's day.
  5. Your child is encouraged to play and explore to promote cognitive and motor skills.