"Busy Bees"© After-School Program

Learning Enrichment for School-Age Children
Busy Bee offers enriched educational programs that are fun and interesting for school-aged children. Teachers provide encouragement as children work alone or in groups on theme-based projects specifically designed for school-age needs, interests and developmental levels. Children also have ample opportunity to socialize, do their homework, and play. Busy Bee for school-agers is like a great summer camp, where free play, exploration and learning all happen together.

Key Benefits:

Children learn by doing. So our school-age curriculum provides them with a variety of hands-on activities based on inspiring, real-world themes. It provides a perfect framework that helps children expand on the knowledge and skills they've already developed.
Whatever your child does during our afternoon of fun and educational activities, we'll keep you in touch and well informed. At your convenience, we will be happy to meet with you anytime to discuss your child's progress. We also encourage you to visit the center anytime and to share your special talents and skills with us.

  1. Whole-group activities develop social skills, such as sharing, listening and cooperation.
  2. The program prepares your child for kindergarten.
  3. Your child will continue learning with vocabulary, letters and words.
  4. Your child will further develop independent learning skills with our hands-on experiences.
  5. Thematic units encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence.
  6. You will enjoy regular communication with teachers so that you are informed about every facet of your child's day.