Educational Programs for all ages

Your child changes every day. That is why Busy Bee Day Care educators provide daily updates on your child's development. Each afternoon, we will let you know about the fun learning experiences your child is enjoying. This includes your child's activities, developmental changes and, of course, milestones. Big and small. 

Graduates Earn their " Bee Stripes" and "Bee Wings"

At your convenience, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your child's progress. We also have comprehensive methods - both formal and informal - to ensure we communicate thoroughly with you about your child's discoveries. 

At Busy Bee Day Care, you will find that our teachers are eager to understand your needs and actively listen to your suggestions. We honor your role as a parent and as the first and most important teacher in your child's life. We work together with you to support your child's healthy growth and development by sharing the learning and excitement your child experiences each day.

Some of our programs include, early french immersion, tumblebees, preschool and school readiness programs