• "Busy Bee has been far exceeding our expectations. The improvements look great and your hard work is paying off." - Trish Boutilier
  • "I love Busy Bee and so do my children. We enjoy being part of the Busy Bee team!! Thanks for taking such great care of my Busy Bees." - Carrie Martell
  • "We are very pleased with the day care. I am comfortable leaving
     my son in their care. I know he is being well taken care of." - 
  • Laura Horne
  • "We are really happy - Brenna enjoys going to Busy Bee. Keep up the fantastic work. You don't know how much you are all appreciated." - Corrina Murrant
  • " The Busy Bee staff are very good - always keeping myself and my husband aware of what's going on with our child. The ups & downs." Jennifer Poirier
  • " I can't say enough about the Busy Bee staff. We are very happy with their kindness, empathy, and eagerness to learn more about the kids." - Nicki Golding
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