Child Learning Services

What does education mean to you?

Early childhood educators have determined that in order for children to reach their full potential in a learning environment, they must each be viewed as an individual. Each child has unique interests, varying levels of skills and very specific needs from adults and peers. 

For 40 years, Busy Bee Day Care has been developing and implementing educational programs for each age group. These programs are audited, revised, and improved in accordance with community services regulations and are used as the basis for teaching in the early learning environment. Our pre-school programs are specifically designed to prepare children for school.

By observing each child's individual strengths and interests and by communicating with families, activities are planned to engage the child. These activities allow opportunities for the child to interact with the teacher or in small or large groups with peers, to achieve incremental and continuous growth in all areas of their development.

By planning activities that build upon the individual child's strengths we ensure that children succeed in their skill building and therefore develop a healthy attitude to learning. 

Children in our programs participate in a wide variety of activities as well as a flexible daily routine. Each child is able to develop skills according to their own unique abilities.