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Buster Phelan
International Band of Mystery...

Playing rock, pop, R & B and more, Buster Phelan covers tunes you remember (and some you wish you did!) from the bands you love: the Beatles, the Hollies, Wilson Pickett, James Taylor, the Doobie Brothers, Carol King, Gypsy (you probably knew them as the Underbeats before they went West Coast), John Fogarty, Chicago, Steely Dan…. I could go on, but you get the picture.  Add in a few future hits of its own and Buster Phelan promises to make your event extra fun!  

We love to play for clubs, events, weddings, private parties, you name it!

Buster Phelan, the group...

The band Buster Phelan takes its name and its inspiration from the legendary showman, raconteur and entertainer of the same name.* 

Buster Phelan brings together six outstanding performers.  Grounded in classic and contemporary rock, Buster’s eclectic playlist includes Buster Phelan originals and favorites from the most popular bands of the last four decades. Their tight instrumental base supports rock-solid lead vocals and signature harmonies, setting Buster Phelan well above the ordinary.

Buster’s shows can run from smooth to hard-rocking depending on the occasion; so whether it’s a celebratory moment in your life or a night at the club, Buster makes every night special.

 The musicians of Buster Phelan bring decades of performance experience. 

Cady Kroschel - lead and backing vocals, percussion

Cady has been a crowd favorite since breaking out with Buster Phelan in 2000. From ballads to blues to Buster’s hardest rock, Cady’s vocal talent supports her versatile style and heartfelt interpretations.  In her life away from Buster, Cady sings with the elite a cappella choral group, Spices, performing original vocal arrangements of traditional and new music from around the world.


Bill Decker - drums, nose flute

A working rock performer since he was 14(!), Bill has performed with outstanding bands for nearly three decades. For many years, he was the beat behind the popular Boomers, and for the past nine years has been The Man behind the drums for Buster Phelan


Greg Morrissey - guitar, lead and backing vocals, composer/arranger

Greg (with Buster’s bass man, Dennis) has been making music since the first gig with the original Mad Men in 1964. Since then, Greg has appeared on stage as a musician and actor throughout the U.S. and Europe. Greg’s rich voice and extraordinary sense of harmony exerts a major influence on Buster Phelan’s signature vocal style.


Patrick “Toots” Morrissey - keyboards, trombone, composer/arranger

A serious musical force, Morrissey has been part of the Midwest music scene for more than 20 years. He has toured and performed with several rock and horn groups including the popular Boomers. For the past ten years, his expressive keyboard and horn work along with his instrumental and vocal arrangements have become an integral part of Buster Phelan’s winning approach to the classic and contemporary rock repertoire.  


Dennis Kelly - bass, lead and backing vocals

One of the original Mad Men (see Greg, above), he toured the Midwest with the Reign of MusicShakespeare in the Streets and others, before heading east. After several years in NYC, Dennis returned to the Twin Cities. One day in 1999, a call from Greg invited him to “work on some new music…” and the seed of Buster Phelan was sown. Dennis, literally, maintains Buster’s bottom!


Petros Zeleles - lead guitar, lead and backing vocals

Zeleles’ creative imagination and wide-ranging musical tastes fuel Buster Phelan’s unique approach to the rock repertoire. But more than that, he brings to Buster one of the hottest and most versatile lead guitars on the scene. Zeleles has performed solo and in bands in Milwaukee, San Francisco and the Twin Cities.

* Buster Phelan, the man...

Buster himself was a showman and performer of extraordinary talent and range. He knew instinctively what the crowd loved, and he delivered. 

The scion of a well-known, but little-respected, St. Paul family, Buster carefully cultivated the image of dissipated socialite.  In fact, he was a savvy performer and highly disciplined athlete with an unerring sense of spectacle and appeal.  

His nickname, Buster, derived from the bright red bustier he wore while walking on the wings of “Speed” Holman’s bi-plane high above the airfield (now known by his pilot’s name). Six months later, his world-record run down the Winter Carnival toboggan slide (and the spectacular fiery crash that followed) led carnival officials to move the run from its original site on Ramsey Hill to the safer (but less thrilling) Capitol Boulevard site, where it remains to this day. 

That was not Buster’s only lasting mark; he went on to create a series of spectacles and events that captured audiences imaginations and made his name a household word through much of the early 20th century. And of course there is his namesake lake… another story.

Buster Phelan is lovingly remembered by many, and even the celebrities he loved to surround himself with (everyone from Dan Patch to Greta Garbo, Harpo Marx to General DeGaul) seemed to forgive his peccadilloes and indiscretions small and large… most of them anyway.

Many Buster performances include a chapter on the life of this cross-dressing, aerial-acrobat and former altar boy. 

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