to 45th  BUSSTEPP 
Summer School at  King's College London
It will take place on  August 24th - September 4th 2015
BUSSTEPP (British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics)  is a long-established summer school aimed at PhD students in theoretical particle physics who have completed a year of graduate studies. Having built a very strong international reputation over 40 years, it has been supported by STFC or its predecessor in order to provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of research in elementary particle physics.

Programme includes

  • Renormalization Group in Quantum Field Theory (6 lectures): Jean Alexandre, King's College London
  • Phenomenology (5 lectures): Christoph Englert, Glasgow University
  • Beyond The Standard Model [non SUSY] (4 lectures): Ben Gripaios, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge
  • Supersymmetry (4 lectures): Steve West, Royal Holloway, Univ. of London
  • AdS/CFT (4 lectures): Toby Wiseman, Imperial, Univ. of London
  • Neutrino and Astroparticle Physics (4 lectures): Silvia Pascoli, IPPP, Durham
  • Cosmology (4 lectures): David Seery, Univ. of Sussex
  • Experimental Particle Physics (3 lectures): Albert De Roeck, CERN & Univ. of Antwerp
  • Lattice Field Theory (4 lectures): Andreas Juettner, Univ. of Southampton 
  • String Phenomenology (4 lectures): Steve Abel, Univ. of Durham
  • Where are we going? (2 lectures): John Ellis, King's College London & CERN
  • Student Presentation Sessions (6 hours)

All the training activities, including lectures, individual study, tutorials and student talks will take place in the Main Building and Strand Building on the Strand campus at King's College London.

The registration deadline is the 23rd of July, 2015. 

There is a maximum allocation for the number of fully supported PhD students. Therefore, we strongly encourage early registration.

Local organization

  • Sarben Sarkar (Director)
  • John Ellis
  • Malcolm Fairbairn
  • Jeremie Quevillon
  • Dimitri Skliros
  • Kazuki Sakurai
  • Tevong You

With special thanks to Luca Panizzi. 

    STFC-funded and self-funded students are fully supported. EPSRC and EU- funded students will be charged £1100 to cover the costs of meals, accommodation and a small administrative charge.

    Contact: bussteppkings@gmail.com