Alexander the Great

"the youngest conqueror ever" 

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Alexander the Great made of Marble at the Louvre


          Alexander the Great was born to Philip II of Macedonia.  This state was known for harsh fighting and Philip was able unite it through battles and diplomacy.  Once he finally got most of Greece conquered in around 370 b.c. Alexander would be only 16 years old when he would take the reins of his fathers mighty army.  The army was so great becausse the troops were loyal and well trained, these great soldiers came with a willing attitude one of the hardest things a general can try to hope for, Philip did this by banding them in his empire and making a Hellenistic Nation.  Alexander then crosses the Hellespont and went into Asia capturing cities along the eastern Mediterranean.  Eventually King Darius III of persia found out and waged the first large battle at Issus.  Alexander engaged the cavelry long enough to break the lines of the Persians with his cavelry.  Alexander went on to liberate Egypt but was forced to destroy Darius again using the same tactics of Issus.  Alexander acidentally burned Persopolis but went on to build another city and train a new army.  Alexander went on to capture most of India but his army would not go any further.  Alexander died later from a disease but some people believe he was assinated.  His army was broken apart and left to the winds. 

Laexander the Great's conquest area, the whole known world at the time.

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3. alexander lead them
4. war formation
6. home country
7. the last to be conquered
8. knot
9. sige of _____

1. alexander's dad
2. the conquered
5. his name