Wicked Pics

for Wicked Thoughts

Pics from the Miss Universe contest in Mexico, 2007


Miss France above


Miss Switzerland above

How come I like the two above best?


The ladies above are wearing their ethnic dress.  Give me Miss Canada any time.  Great ethnic dress!



Miss Puerto Rico above.  An interesting nomination from small darkish people.


Estonia had no trouble putting up one of their typical blondes



Miss Israel allows herself to be shown getting her hair done.  Great Chutzpah!

I didn't realize that they still had food shortages in China




Who said that Hispanics are small and dark while beautiful women are tall and slim?




Wotta hat!




 Miss Mexico above -- Hispanic fruit-picking expertise recognized?



A gracious Indian lady above shows what real style is like



A typically outdoorsy Australian lady.  She is wearing a beach lifeguard cap and is holding a lifeguard flag.  She is in fact a former swimming champion.


Miss USA  -- a female Elvis?  Striking anyway



And above is the only decent photo I could find of Miss Sweden.  The Swedish feminazis knocked her out of the competition on the grounds that she had once appeared in a men's mag.  No disrespect to the lady but she was probably far short of the best Swedish beauty anyway.  THAT was probably deliberate too.



And da winner is -- Miss Japan.  I am sure she is a very pleasant lady but I would not have given her a second look myself  -- though she does have a surprising amount of something Japanese ladies normally lack.