Network Research Centers

An open wiki of Network Research Centers, originally curated by John Maloney and Raffaele Vacca. It includes a list and a map of centers. Please use the NRC Submit Form to add or adjust entries in the list. The map can be edited by anyone in Google Maps. 

Note: In most cases, the "Year Created" variable (year in which the center was created) is an estimate based on the publication date of the oldest center publication listed in the center website. Please correct it if you have more accurate information on a specific center.

To be added to the site/wiki access lists contact ColabriaThis open Website and curated lists are supported by your donations. 

Network Reseach Centers

The map shows the location of the centers in the list above (mostly based on the location of the university to which they are affiliated). The map does not automatically update based on the list, so some centers may be in the list but not in the map. To edit the map you need to have a Google account and to open the map link in Google Maps.

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