Career Coaching

Are you...
  • Unemployed?
  • Underemployed?
  • Frustrated or bored in your present job?

I can help you discern what career and job would bring you greater satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.  If you are doing what you are gifted to do and what you are really passionate about, you WILL be successful.  Don't settle for mediocrity!

The pieces for understanding my right career and life's work came over TOO long a period of time.  It wasn't until I was in my 50s that I had all the elements assembled, so to speak: analysis form What Color is Your Parachute, the results from a costly aptitude test, understanding my personality profile, knowing my "basic motivational thrust, my motivated relationship and my motivated skill set."  Even many years later it was still a process of narrowing down the options for the "ideal" job.

I have coached people who have graduated from college and then realized they really had the wrong major.  One individual had worked in his field for over 15 years.  After we had done a simple personality profile I asked him, "Have you enjoyed what you've been doing all these years?"  His answer: "No."

I can help you fast-track your career planning process, getting you to where you want to be much quicker than the roundabout process you are now using.

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