Dear Entrepreneurs,

The Business Design Program by StudentsInc is the second part of the Pressure Cooker Program, that starts with the Discovery Program and is followed by the Founder Program. This Design Template contains learning materials and instructions and is a useful tool to organise your thoughts when working on validating your Business Design and working out a strategy to generate revenue. 

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This program follows the steps in the "Business Model Canvas" buildup, which is developed by Alexander Osterwalder. The method greatly helps entrepreneurs focus themselves on important parts of the Business Design. The research method used is based on the "Lean Startup" method, developed by Eric Ries and Steve Blank.





Workshop 1



Introduction Business Design

Recap Customer Discovery Program

Business Model Canvas

Innovation space


Workshop 2



Value Proposition Canvas

  Customers (BMC)

  Value proposition (BMC)

Customer perspective (landing page)

Validation process

Business Environment:

 Market analysis

 Competition and alternatives

 Stakeholder management

 Risk management

Service model & revenue model

Workshop 3



Business Environment



Service model & revenue model

Stakeholder perspective (landing page)

Validation process

Supply Side:

 Partners and suppliers


 Unfair advantage

 Operations & logistics

 Cost Price calculation

Workshop 4

Supply side

Key partners & suppliers (BMC)

Key activities (BMC)

Key resources (BMC)

Unfair Advantage

Cost Price calculation

Costs (BMC)

Validation process

Demand side:

 Customer Journey

 Market entry strategy




Revenue calculation

Pitch & Sales

Workshop 5

Demand side

Customer Relationships (BMC)

Channels (BMC)

Market entry strategy

Revenue Streams (BMC)

Customer Perspective (landing page)

Validation process

Cost & Revenue:


 Investment budget

Workshop 6

 Cost &


Narrative with:

 Activities, costs, revenues & risks

Service model (final)

 Cost structure

 Cost price calculation (final)

Revenue model (final)


 Pricing strategy (final)

Investment budget

Validation process

Financial Statements:

 Bookkeeping 101

 Financial Statements

  Profit & loss




Valuation and investment:

  Valuation methods

  Investment proposal

Workshop 7


Financial statements

Valuation & Impact

Investor perspective (landing page)

Validation process

Reflection and assessment:

  Reflection report



Portfolio check-up


Portfolio (sufficient/not sufficient)

Pitch + Q&A (grade)

Good luck and regards.
Nils de Witte